Uorfi Javed Receives Death Threats After Her Statement Kanhaiya Lal Murder, Seeks Help From Mumbai Police

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Trolls frequently target Uorfi Javed, especially those who practise her own religion. She exposes everything and frequently wears provocative, attention-grabbing clothing. However, many mock her and call her names for purportedly defaming the Muslim community. Even now, a user has threatened to kill her. To find out what happened, scroll down.

As most people are aware, BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma stirred up a lot of controversy with her remarks on Prophet Muhammad. Rapidly spreading online, the comment sparked protests across the country. The comment was denounced by a number of countries, including the UAE, Iran, and Afghanistan.

The nation was recently shocked by the murder of Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur. He was brutally murdered by two Muslim guys after it was claimed that he had offered Nupur Sharma his backing. After slicing him into bits, one of the men even posted a video of the act on social media. They could be seen waving their blades around.

Uorfi Javed responded to the incident by talking about how Allah never encouraged his followers to commit such acts on her Instagram stories. She also attacked religiously motivated killings at a time when we are discussing empowerment, education, and expedited justice.

After reading her story, a troll responded by sending her a threatening mail with the words “Kya lag rahi hai ****.” “Shut your mouth Chudail, tuje to kya hi pata Islam kya hai,” the user wrote in another message. Hum use kese chod de, hmare nabi ki shan mai koi gustaki kare.

Without hesitation, Uorfi Javed immediately identified Mumbai Police. She even spoke the words, “Enjoy your time in jail.” Look at the following screenshot:

Hats go to Uorfi Javed for her ruthless response and handling of the circumstance.

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