Google Meet Meetings Can Now Be Simply Livestreamed On Youtube

Google Meet Meetings Can Now Be Simply Livestreamed On Youtube

As video calls have taken over workplaces more than two years into the pandemic, Google Meet is now rolling out the option to broadcast meetings on YouTube. This could make it easier for viewers to access these live-streamed events than the previous method of live streaming events through Meet itself.

Admins of Google Workplace can choose to enable public streaming for the company accounts they oversee. This feature also contains a few safeguards to prevent your weekly standup from devolving into an open mic session.

The feature is accessible to the majority of paid Workplace accounts, including those on the Enterprise tiers (starter, standard, and plus), Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning upgrade, and Workplace individual subscribers. It is also accessible to users who subscribe to the Google One Premium plan in certain countries. However, customers that subscribe to the majority of our beginning, basic, legacy, or essential programs do not have access.

If you want to broadcast a Google Meet session on YouTube, you will need to submit a request in advance to get your YouTube channel approved. This will allow you to broadcast the event. The approval procedure could take up to a day to complete. Users who want to modify how long streams can be and for how long they can be can do so in their privacy settings. Additionally, a comprehensive list of everything that is required to get the streams going can be found on this help page.

This year, Google Meet saw a number of significant improvements, one of which being its integration with Google Duo to form a unified platform for voice and video chats.

It was indicated in a Google Meet update for educators in June 2021 that it would be possible to stream events such as school board meetings on YouTube; at this point, the feature is actually becoming more widely available (it could take up to a couple of weeks to become available for eligible accounts). Since then, more features such as those stated, such as upgrades for breakout rooms and a “video lock” that enables hosts to mute everyone at once or turn off everyone’s videos at once, have been rolled out.

In March, Google also released a few minor updates that proved to be quite helpful, such as the picture-in-picture and emoji features. A recent update to the user interface of Google Meet introduced several new features, including a simple keyboard shortcut that allows users to avoid constantly having to view their own faces, new ways to pin and unpin information, and a single bar that houses all of Meet’s management options.

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