Lindsay Lohan shares she is married

Lindsay Lohan shares she is married

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The actress, who turned 36 on Saturday, shared a picture of herself with financier Bader Shammas and called him her husband.

“I am the luckiest woman in the world. You found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time. I am stunned that you are my husband,”  she wrote.

In November, they told people they were getting married.

“My love. My life. My family. My future,” Lohan wrote in a post, tagging Shammas, at the time.

The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday remakes, as well as the 2004 teen comedy “Mean Girls,” are Lohan’s most well-known acting credits.

“My life and my everything. every woman should feel like this every day,” Saturday was the last day of Lohan’s post.

She used to be in the tabloids all the time. About ten years ago, she had some high-profile legal and personal problems, but in recent years, she hasn’t been in the news as much. She still has 9.7 million people following her on Instagram, while Shammas’s profile is private and has just under 600 followers.

Who Is Bader Shammas?

Bader Shammas is a well-known Emirati businessman, financier, celebrity partner, and businessman from Kuwait City. He was born between 1986 and 1987 and is now 34 to 35 years old. He is well-known in the country because he has been Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend for a long time. Let me tell you that Lindsay Lohan is a well-known singer, actress, and producer from the United States. She is well-known because she was in the TV movie Freaky Friday (2003).

On the other hand, Bader S. Shammas, Lindsay’s partner, is a well-known banker. His LinkedIn page says that since August 2018, he has been working as an Assistant Vice President for Credit Suisse, which is based in Dubai. Besides this, he also worked for BNP Paribas.

In November 2021, Bader got a lot of attention when Lindsay Lohan announced on her official Instagram account that she was going to marry Bader.

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