Is Microsoft Teams Down

Last Updated 4 weeks Ago

Yes, both Microsoft Teams and Office 365 are down right now for thousands of users and Microsoft is lookng to sort out all the issues at the earliest. Meanwhile, check out the exact issue reported by users online.

At around 10 p.m. ET, over 4,800 users have reported incident of major usage issues with the Microsoft Teams app.

Take a look at the graph on

Looks like things couldn’t get worse for Microsoft as their product Office 365 is getting reports of outages for many users.

Thanks to as they were able to identify the current outage with multiple Microsoft products. Here’s a screenshot of Office 365’s major outage:


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As soon as Microsoft  got to know about this recent ouage, they took the matter to Twitter and released the following statement:

“We’ve received reports of users being unable to access Microsoft Teams or leverage any features. We’re investigating the issue and further updates can be found in your Service Health Dashboard via TM402718.”

“We’ve determined that a recent deployment contained a broken connection to an internal storage service, which has resulted in impact. We’re working to direct traffic to a healthy service to mitigate impact. Additional information can be found in the admin center under TM402718.”

If you’ve some urgent meeting to attend, keep an ye out on their official twitter handle for all the updates on the current issue.

Looking at the bigger picture, it looks like there’s some issues with the Microsoft server as thousands of users are reporting outage of major Microsoft products.

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If you’re facing trouble using Microsoft Teams, Office 365 or any other Microsoft product, do let us know in the comments below.