The Judge Criticised Heather Mills’ $250 Million Divorce Demand From Paul Mccartney As Being `Exorbitant’.

Heather Mills Divorce Settlement
Heather Mills Divorce Settlement

A judge ruled that Heather Mills’ $250 million divorce request from Paul McCartney was excessive and that she was a less than truthful court witness.

After a judge denied Mills’ attempt to obstruct publication, the Hugh Bennett ruling was made public on Tuesday.

After a four-year marriage to the ex-Beatle, Bennett granted Mills a $48.6 million divorce settlement on Monday. In contrast to Mills’ over $250 million asking price, McCartney’s $31.6 million offer included all of Mills’ personal property.

The judge declared that Mills’ claim “is and was excessive, even unreasonable” in his decision.

He said that Mills’ proof was “not just contradictory and erroneous, but also lacking in candor. She wasn’t the most compelling testimony overall.”

Although Mills argued that certain elements of the ruling could jeopardize the security of her 4-year-old daughter Beatrice, McCartney’s attorneys did not object to publication.

“According to Miss Mills, her daughter will be put at genuine risk. It is really unsettling “added Mills’ legal representative in court, David Rosen. She stayed away from the hearing.

After the three-hour private hearing on Monday, McCartney remained silent. However, Mills, 40, appeared for an unscheduled news conference on the courthouse steps and criticized McCartney’s attorney, Fiona Shackleton.

Shackleton, who assisted Prince Charles with his divorce from Princess Diana, left court on Monday with a wet head, allegedly due to Mills pouring a glass of water over her. Shackleton had been “baptized in court,” Mills informed the media. Representatives for McCartney chose not to comment.

In an ironic turn of events, Mills’ own legal team was overseen by Princess Diana’s divorce counsel until she sacked them in November. “She has called me many, many names before even seeing me when I was in a wheelchair,” claimed Mills.

heather mills divorce settlement
heather mills divorce settlement

For each day she was married to McCartney, 65, Mills received a payment from the judge in the amount of $34,000. However, it fell short of her expectations and made up only a small portion of McCartney’s $800 million wealth.

Mills expressed her happiness as being “very, very, very thrilled.”

A clearly furious Mills declared on Monday, “All of you that have investigated know that it was always going to be a sum between 20 and 30 million” pounds. “Paul was giving considerably less than that. So, naturally, we’re thrilled.”

Along with the assets Mills presently owns, valued at $15.6 million, the settlement also included a lump sum payment of $33 million.

Some legal professionals were shocked that the prior model did not receive more.

According to Patricia Hollings, a divorce specialist at the London legal firm Finers Stephens Innocent, “In the context of things, it’s pretty unexpectedly modest.” “Only around 6% of his assets are being offered to her. The number of high-wealth situations is really minimal.”

Additionally, McCartney was required to pay Beatrice’s babysitter and school expenses in addition to $70,000 annually.

That is a pitiful sum, according to Mills. She stated that she was “clearly designed to go B class while her father travels A class.”

The divorce deal is not among the most expensive celebrity splits. According to Forbes magazine, both the singer Neil Diamond and basketball player Michael Jordan had to pay over $150 million to end their marriages.

The average divorce settlement in the United Kingdom is less than in the United States. However, John Charman, an insurance billionaire, was forced to pay his ex-wife 48 million pounds (about $90 million at the time) in 2006, which is just about half of the largest contested divorce settlement in British history.

Last month, Mills and McCartney appeared in court to resolve her half of his estate, which was pegged at much to $1.6 billion. The judge did determine that McCartney was worth roughly $800 million in total.

Mills pleaded with the media to let the issue go away now that it was ended.

To put an end to it, she stated, “I truly hope now that I and my baby may have a life and not be followed every single day.”

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Although I am not in love with Paul, I still love him as the father of my daughter, she stated. Regarding Stella McCartney, Mills stated that was “so jealous” that she “tried to end the marriage every single week.” According to Mills, Stella had little interest in seeing her father happy.

According to a court ruling made public today, Heather Mills will receive a £24.3 million divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney. According to the judgement, she had asked for £125 million from the former Beatle, 60, but only got a fifth of that sum.

3. Where is Heather Mills today?

Bea’s school is in Sussex, where Heather spends a lot of time. She actively supports animal rights and veganism, as well as projects to remove landmines and assist amputees. Mills, who was involved in a car accident in 1993 and lost a limb, has said that going vegan helped her make a “miraculous recovery.”

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