Father Of Technoblade, Youtube Minecraft Star, Says His Son Has Died At 23 From Cancer

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He saw his son’s last message on YouTube, where the 20-year-old had kept more than 11 million people entertained with his Minecraft videos and witty comments. “So long, nerds” is the title.

It was revealed in a video shared on his son’s account that Technoblade, a YouTube celebrity who amassed millions of followers with his witty commentary on videos of himself playing Minecraft, had passed away.

More than 11 million people regularly watched screen recordings of Technoblade playing Minecraft while he talked about it off-camera. He usually talked about what was happening in the game, but in some videos, he talked about things like going to the DMV or getting a cancer diagnosis, which were both pretty sad.

Technoblade’s YouTube channel produced a video titled “so long nerds” on Thursday that, as of Friday afternoon, had been watched more than 26 million times. This movie broke from the channel’s regular style of bright, pixelated bricks. Instead, a man who says he is Technoblade’s father sits in a chair with a small white dog on his lap in front of a stark white background.

His father, who does not disclose his identity, then begins reading a message from his son that starts out as follows: “Hello, everyone. Technoblade here. “if you’re watching this. I’m dead”

The message goes on to say that Technoblade’s first name is Alex, which he didn’t use online. The video also has a few pictures of Alex with his family and friends. In his YouTube videos, he rarely showed himself. Instead, he showed himself as his avatar, a crowned pig with a sword.

Alex’s letter states, “I think that if I had another hundred lives, I would always choose to be Technoblade again.” “Those years were the best of my life.”

His father, who cries through the whole video, says that he and his son discussed about making a final video for months. Alex instead has chosen to write the letter. His father says that he died about 8 hours after he finished it.

He said that “I don’t think he said everything he wanted to say, but I think he got the main points.”

At the end of the video, a written statement from Alex’s mother, who is not named, is shown. She decided to write that her son avoided fame and made fun of himself, even though his YouTube channel was becoming very popular.

“From the first time Technoblade went online, he was always thinking of ways to entertain and reward his audience. He gave away online prizes, encouraged good sportsmanship, and, most of all, shared his Minecraft adventures to make people laugh and have fun,” she wrote.

On Friday, Alex’s family could not be reached. Hypixel, a game company that worked with Technoblade, said that the family had asked that they not be contacted for comments. In a direct message on Twitter, the company’s lead administrator, Don Pireso, said, “The video they shared has all the information they are willing to share at this time.”

Alex first told the public about his cancer in August, when he posted a video on his channel. Like the others, this one showed the game while he talked about it from behind the camera. He kept his funny, self-deprecating style and didn’t try to be too serious. He also said that he was 22 years old at the time.

In the video, he talked about how tired he was after the first round of chemotherapy that he could hardly sit up for a virtual doctor’s appointment. Then he made a joke: “Am I Superman if I’m sitting in a chair?”

He said that he was given a diagnosis because his arm hurt a lot. He first thought it was just an injury from playing video games over and over again, but after a few days of rest, he said his shoulder “was swelling like crazy.”

Additionally, he urged people to acquire the Covid-19 vaccine, claiming that the cancer treatments had compromised his immune system and increased his risk of developing a life-threatening coronavirus infection.

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In the video, he said, “I’m going to go ahead and speak for all cancer patients when I say it’s very annoying when people die of preventable diseases and the hospitals are already full.” “I’m just saying that those hospital beds are reserved for us.”

Friends and fans of Technoblade praised him on social media for his sense of humor and for being a good example for Minecraft players.

Minecraft is different from most games because the company that owns it, Microsoft, does not run the servers where online players meet. Instead, players can build their own servers or join those already built by others, resulting in a vast network of worlds in the Minecraft universe.

Messages can be left in a digital memorial book that has been set up by Hypixel, which manages a network of Minecraft servers, and will be printed and delivered to Technoblade’s family. In the company’s tribute, the pig avatar from Technoblade was shown as a statue. “In many ways, our success is linked to Technoblade’s success,” the company said.

Thomas Simons, better known as TommyInnit, is a YouTuber who is friends with Technoblade. He called him a “legend” on Twitter.

Mr. Simons wrote, “I just know he’s planning how to beat God in heaven.”

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