Ezra Miller's alleged 'abuse' victims speak out 'I totally felt unsafe'

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Actor Ezra Miller’s alleged “abuse” victims speak out about their interactions with the unstable actor.

The woman who claimed Ezra Miller choked her at a bar in Iceland in 2020 described the incidents that up to the video clip in a thorough Variety exposé.

Three sources back up the assertion made by the unnamed alleged victim that she approached the “The Flash” actor after observing injuries on their foot. Miller, who the lady claimed was wearing flip-flops, claimed they were injured in a fight, according to the woman. She turned and said, “But just so you know, I could take you in a fight.” as she walked away, the woman alleged.

According to reports, Miller answered, “You really want to fight?” Miller was instructed to meet the woman in the smoking area in two minutes by the woman. Miller eventually ran into the woman outside the bar, where the joke is said to have turned violent.

The woman replied, “I think it’s just fun and games — but then it wasn’t,”

“Suddenly, [they’re] on top of me, choking me, and asking me to fight while shouting in my face. Miller was pushed off of her as they continued to try to fight her, she remembered. “My friend who is filming sees [they’re] obviously not playing and it’s actually serious, so he stops shooting,” she said. “Miller is being restrained by two of my male pals as he shouts, “This is what you wanted! You got what you wanted.

In a separate interview with Variety, Miller’s ex-friend Nadia said the “Suicide Squad” actor branded her “transphobic” and “a Nazi” when Nadia requested him to stop smoking in her house.

In February 2022, according to Nadia, she invited Miller to stay at her apartment in Berlin, Germany. After allegedly engaging in consensual s*x in 2020, the two have not seen one another since.

Miller, according to Nadia, was “charming and super polite” up until they started rolling a cigarette, which she instructed them to smoke outside.

She alleged, “That just riled them up.” “I may have begged them to leave more than 20 times. They started calling me names. I’m a “transphobic piece of s—t,” they say. “Nazi” is how people refer to me.

Nadia recounted the situation as being “very, so distressing for me,” adding that she had told Miller that she is a descendent of Holocaust survivors. They roamed throughout my home, touching and inspecting everything while spreading tobacco leaves on the floor. It was incredibly obtrusive and offensive.

She claimed that after she phoned the police and waited for around 30 minutes, Miller finally left. The actor “might possibly attack me physically,” she thought, even if she didn’t anticipate he would s*xually assault her that night.

She confessed, “I totally felt unsafe,”

According to Variety, Nadia reported the assault to the police in April. Miller was facing a trespassing allegation, but investigators have already stopped looking into that case, according to the German state prosecutor’s office in Berlin.

The Post has contacted Miller’s team for comment.

Miller was jailed for disorderly conduct and assault in March at a pub in Hawaii. They were detained in the Aloha State for second-degree assault less than four weeks later.

Since then, Miller has been accused of grooming several children, including Gibson Iron Eyes, who allegedly changed their name and now use the pronouns they/they.

Gibson’s mother, Sara Jumping Eagle, claimed earlier this month that Miller had “brainwashed” her son in an interview with The Post.

Jumping Eagle said, calling the youngster by their birth name, “He’s not letting Tokata or the other girls bathe or apply cosmetics.”

“They must ask his approval. It’s a situation like R. Kelly, and it’s really scary,” she continued, alluding to the singer who was later found guilty of s*x offenses.

A Massachusetts mother and her nonbinary child also obtained a protection order against the celebrity after the family alleged the actor threatened them.

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