Bradley Cooper And Mom Gloria Campano Shine At The 2024 Oscars Red Carpet!

Bradley Cooper Mom
Bradley Cooper Mom

The well-known actor and director Bradley Cooper is following a beloved practice at the Oscars by bringing his mom as his date. Their long-lasting act shows how close they are and adds a tender touch to Hollywood’s greatest night. In this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about his mom!!

Who Is Bradley Cooper’s Mom?

Gloria Campano is Bradley Cooper’s lovely mother. Gloria was born in the United States to parents who were from Italy. On January 5, 1975, in Abington Township, close to Philadelphia, she welcomed Bradley into this world. She was a newscaster for the town’s NBC affiliate at the time. Bradley’s sole sibling, Holly, was born to Gloria a few years prior.

Gloria and her son made their commercial appearance together during the Super Bowl in a T-Mobile ad for their 5G services. A company representative introduces the two and says that they “tried” to shoot a commercial with the Coopers. However, the results speak for themselves, as the mom and son laugh so hard they can’t finish a line and tease each other the whole time.

Bradley took Gloria with him to the 2019 Academy Awards. When the event was over, Julia Roberts gave a special shoutout to Gloria after giving Green Book the Best Picture award. The Pretty Woman actress laughed and said, “Well, it looks like that’s the end of the 91st Academy Awards. Thank you for watching, and good night to Bradley Cooper’s mother and my children.”

Who Is Bradley Cooper's Mom?
Who Is Bradley Cooper’s Mom?

Bradley Cooper Hits The Oscars’ Red Carpet With His Mom

Alongside his mother Gloria Campano, the 49-year-old actor walked the red carpet at the 96th Academy Awards on Sunday. For the special night, they made sure that their clothes went well together. Cooper looked sharp in a black suit, and Campano looked stunning in a floor-length black dress and jacket that matched.

As they posed for pictures, the mother and son looked happy as they looked at each other lovingly and hugged. Cooper is up for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his work in Netflix’s Maestro. The movie Maestro is also up for Best Picture, and Carey Mulligan, who stars with Bradley Cooper, is up for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Take a look at the Twitter post below:

Because this year’s Oscars are so important to Cooper, it was first said that he would bring his girlfriend Gigi Hadid as his date. However, a source said that Hadid is not going to the Oscars so she can spend more time with her daughter Khai Malik, whom she has with Zayn Malik.

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