Velma Release Date Status On Hbo Max: Check Out First Look Of Scooby-doo Animated Prequel Tv Show!


Velma, a Scooby-Doo prequel series centered on Velma Dinkley, has been added to HBO Max’s slate of adult animated television shows. The streamer has ordered three new adult animated shows, including Velma. In addition to this Scooby-Doo prequel series aimed at adults.

Velma Release Date

Despite being announced in 2021, HBO Max has not revealed when Velma will be released.

It is, however, expected by the end of 2022.

Along with Velma, HBO Max announced the new animated series Fired on Mars, starring Pete Davidson, as well as a reboot of the early 2000s hit Clone High.
“It is a tremendous privilege to build on this company’s 100-year-plus legacy of ‘cartoons,'” said Suzanna Makkos, executive vice president of original comedy and adult animation for HBO Max, according to Variety.

“We can draw a direct line from our hundreds of childhood hours spent watching Bugs outwit Elmer to the current slate of adult animated projects we are developing here at HBO Max, and we believe fans will agree.” We are pleased to present this distinct collection of series from a diverse range of creators, which will serve as a one-stop-shop for animation fans worldwide.”

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What has Mindy Kaling said about Velma?

In addition to making Velma for adults, the network made her South Asian, which sparked outrage among Scooby-Doo fans.

Despite the criticism, Kaling has stuck by her character, telling the audience at the Warner Bros Discovery Upfront presentation in May 2022 that if a dog can solve crimes, Velma “can be brown.”

“I hope you noticed my Velma is South Asian,” she told Deadline. “I don’t care if people freak out about it.”

She previously addressed the backlash on Late Night With Seth Meyers in July 2021, revealing that it encouraged her to “be careful” when accepting the role.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling, an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and director, will play Velma.

She is best known for her role as Kelly Kapoor in the NBC sitcom The Office, but she has also appeared in A Wrinkle in Time, Ocean’s 8, Locked Down, and Late Night.

Kaling has also provided her voice to a number of films, including Inside Out, Wreck-It Ralph, and Monsters at Work.

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Velma: Who is in the HBO Max series?

HBO Max announced plans for an adult-focused Scooby-Doo spinoff series centered on brainiac Velma in February 2021.

With the same premise as the original Scooby-Doo Where Are You! series, Velma will be the main detective investigating crimes with “R-rated gore and adult innuendos,” according to PopSugar.


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