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To put it simply, “Minions: Rise of Gru” is the most anticipated film of the summer. The second Minions film, the sixth Despicable Me film, will hit theatres on July 1 and stream on Netflix in the United States soon after.

To some extent a precursor to the original Minions film, this new instalment tells the “untold narrative of one 12-year-quest old’s to become the world’s greatest supervillain.”

Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Alan Arkin, Michelle Yeoh, RZA, and Jean-Claude Van Damme are just some of the celebrities whose voices may be heard alongside Steve Carrell’s reprised role as Gru.

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Minions: The Rise of Gru Expected Release Date?

The Illumination film library on Netflix US will expand thanks to a new agreement with Universal.

For example, in June 2022, as part of a legacy contract between Universal and Netflix, the sequel Sing became available on the streaming service in the United States. Even though Minions: Rise of Gru will be available on Netflix, it will be subject to different terms and conditions than previous Minions movies.

For example, The Bad Guys, another picture heading to Netflix in this new format, has just set its Peacock release date and is likely to arrive on the service sometime later this year. However, it arrived at Peacock 70 days after its theatre debut, rather than the 45 days that had been planned.

After its initial run in theatres, the film will be available on Peacock for four months, then on Netflix for ten months, and finally back on Peacock for the last four months.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know how long Minions: Rise of Gru will be in theatres, but thanks to the release date for The Bad Guys on Peacock, we can use that number in conjunction with the early days to give you an estimate!

If it follows the same release schedule as The Bad Guys, then the film will debut in theatres on September 9, 2022 (Peacock). Then, on January 9, 2023, it will be added to Netflix, and on November 9, 2023, it will once again depart for Peacock.

If the film has a 45-day theatrical run, then it will debut on Peacock on August 15th, 2023, and on Netflix in the middle of December 2022.

We’ll keep you posted, but for the foreseeable future, you can find Minions: Rise of Gru streaming on Netflix.

In this article, we provide an ongoing preview of the slate of Illumination and DreamWorks Animation films, as well as an estimate of when they will be added on Netflix.

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What About the Netflix International Release?

The picture isn’t as clear internationally, so we can only go by previous releases.

If Netflix’s UK experience with The Secret Life of Pets 2 is any indication, we may expect to see Minions: Rise of Gru in 2024, almost two years after its theatrical debut. The same holds true for Netflix Canada, however the availability of Illumination films on the service is typically extended to a full calendar year.

New Illumination films in Latin American Netflix territories appear there around three years after their first release in theatres.