MacKenzie Spudini, Editor of Onions

The students have had enough of the lack of effort brought on by the SLUM administration. Professors seem to just not care anymore. It’s a week after midterms and many Professors still have not even posted grades. There’s nothing quite worse than paying for a class you don’t know if you’re failing or passing. These professors are using the same teaching notes they had when they first started 30 years ago. The students of SLUM have had enough and have banded together to start a petition to allow the students to be in charge of the hiring process of professors. After all the students are the ones paying the salaries of the professors.

The SLUM student group, Students Before Professors, have came up with a mock trial for the hiring process. The group believes that among the applications received, SLUM should actively seek out prestigious professors that show astounding academic merit and the interpersonal skills needed to communicate with the students on campus. After seeking out possible candidates and going through the applications received, the next step is the interview process which would then be led by the students. Students Before Professors believe the questions should be well-rounded and include everyday scenarios that they might experience while being a professor on SLUM’S campus. For example, with SLUM mainly being a commuter school when bad weather strikes, SLUM often times fails to close the campus down. This leaves the students that commute up to an hour to campus the hard decision on whether they should risk their lives to receive their attendance points for the day, or to stay safe at home. One question that would be asked is if they would cancel class in those circumstances to make sure their student’s safety would be the number one priority.

Among the interview process, of those who have made it through, they would then teach a class and be observed by the group. They would experience the possible technical difficulties that come with SLUM’s campus, and the obnoxiously loud geese that sometimes make it hard to teach a class. After all of these stages were complete, the Students Before Professors group would convene and start to make their final decisions. At this point, the administration would then be allowed to vote on the potentially new incoming professors.

Overall, the process is easy to carry out. The clout of the club, Students Before Professors, is only going to continue to grow on SLUM’s campus. It’s only a matter of time the petition gets enough signatures to be voted on by the SLUM system. I say all aboard.