Terri Cyber, Internet Coverer

During spring break, several students sent SLUM’s Information Technical Support team multiple complaints about slow internet services. Many students expressed how they were unable to relax and enjoy their spring bring due to the wireless outage. Mary Fox, the director of user services at SLUM, sent out a campus wide email stating there is a, “Wireless Outage—LizzardNet March 26, Notification Type: Service Unavailable, Service Affected: Network Wireless.”

Ever since the last time internet services went out on Feb 14, students have been unable to stream and binge-watch movies and televisions shows from well known services such as Netflix and Hulu. Recently, Netflix have dropped new movies for the month of April and Hulu dropped their new crime show, The Act, starring Patricia Arquette. The students had no choice but to go outside and be active throughout the community while listening to broadcast radio.

SLUM decided that since the campus had an internet outage, they would throw a spring break bash for the students, faculty and staff. SLUM’s Spring Break Bash lasted for two days Thursday, March 28, and Friday, March 29.

Thursday, the SLUM’s chancellor Thisis Fake had Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys with special guest Bruno Mars perform their classics hits of all time in the SLUM Treehill Performing Arts Center. The event was free to the students, faulty and stuff but $10 for the public. The concert lasted from 4-7 p.m. Baker was able to get Chick-fil-A to cater the event for the 252 people in attendance. After the concert, Maroon 5, Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars stayed behind for an hour to take pictures with their fans and sign autographs.

Friday was Food Truck Friday. SLUM had over 10 different food trucks parked on the Miscellaneous Student Center parking lot. The food trucks were very diverse in their food. The trucks were selling pastries, Asian food, Mexican food, Italian pastas, vegan dishes and so much more. Besides Food Truck Friday, SLUM had many different events. By the recreational center there was a face painting booth for a dollar and a henna tattoo booth located next to it for three dollars. Lastly, there was a Ferris wheel located near the front of the MSC building. The general admission was $2 per person and kids seven and under got in for free. All the proceedings went towards the SLUM Annual Fund for scholarships.

Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi and internet are still down but technical support is currently working to solve the issue as fast as possible. Their goal is to have the internet up and running before finals.