By Trayvon Von, Breadwinner


The Saint Louis University of Missouri’s JT Café will be closing very soon. The café has been a gathering place for students since its opening in 2013, but its founder, Santa Claus, has decided to move the café to the North Pole.

The café has been a home to students looking to grab an early morning coffee or study for a test. The café was founded by Claus back in 2013 as a place to teach elves to make coffee so that they could take their skills back to the North Pole and share them with their fellow elves. It was also a way for some of the elves to find year-round work when business at the North Pole was slow.

“The café had a good run with lots of business,” said Chester Elf, one of Santa’s elves who has served as a café manager since the beginning. “We felt so good making people happy with our coffee.” Many of the students would get free coffee for being on Santa’s good list, while the students who were on the naughty list had to pay with coal.

“It was good to be in a place where the staff knew your name,” said Sandra Adams, a SLUM senior. She said that the elves were always on their game and made their coffee with love. “There was a sweet taste in the coffee that was so addicting, but in a good way, and don’t even get me started about the cookies,” said Adams.

The café has been through many different events, including fires and theft, but it has overcome these struggles and has become stronger for it. Though the café has seen thousands of students walk through its doors, its time is nearing an end.

In early 2013, near the café’s grand opening, a fire started as a result of the elf employees learning to cook. “They did not know what they were doing, but they’re quick learners,” said Claus. He believes that the elves have learned so much about life outside the North Pole that, with that valuable information, they can return to North Pole and use their knowledge to help make better toys.

“SLUM will be sad to end our partnership with Santa, but he has been a very good partner to the school,” said Chancellor Jom Torge. He assures students that he will work hard to get Claus to continue that partnership. “We will continue our partnership with Santa. It may not be in the form of the café, but SLUM might host meet-and-greets with Santa at different times during the year,” assured Chancellor Torge.

Claus said that many of the students at SLUM are good students who consistently make it to the nice list, and he would love to partner with the school to offer more Santa-themed programs year-round that will inspire those who are younger to believe in Santa and stay on the nice list.

The JT Café will serve it final cups of coffee on April 7 of this year. So go enjoy it while it lasts.