By Gringo Jim, Adobe Wizard


UTV has announced its fall lineup:


This 10-part miniseries details the struggles of a woman trying to eat her french fries before a man sits down next to her and eats them first. It addresses the sensitive topic of gender inequality with extreme care and invites viewers to examine their own attitudes towards sexism. The show was made possible through the generous funding and support of Sodexo.

“Nudity Central”

James Nagost and Sally Biluztasun host this hilarious and engaging talk show about naturism on SLUM’s campus. The show features interviews with students, hilarious candid camera segments, and more. Sit down, take your clothes off, and relax!


This is the same as HBO’s “Westworld,” which is based on novelist Michael Crichton’s film of the same name. UTV’s version is set on SLUM’s campus and features a virtually identical plot (with the addition of a subplot in which one of the hosts sits down next to a guest in the Slosh and eats her fries). HBO’s version had a budget of $10 million an episode; it will be interesting to see how UTV does it with $10.

“This Week at SLUM”

Entering its fourth semester of continuous production, “This Week at SLUM” features campus news. This semester brings a format change: it’s now a game show where any mistakes in reading the teleprompter are punished with physical violence.

“Adulting and U”

How to be a grownup, dummy! In this candid documentary series, senior members of SLUM’s campus warn younger students about the perils of living life in the “real world” once they leave the university. In forthcoming episodes, look forward to lessons on balancing a checking account, budgeting for groceries other than ramen, and crying effectively while driving.


Like HBO’s “Girls,” but with geese.