Terri Bull, Breadwinner

Like the title is telling you, Chegg is making your dreams come true. Get this, they just released a product called the Osmosis Pillow.

For those of you who failed biology, osmosis is basically transferring from one thing to the next. For further reading, buy the pillow and start with that lesson.

Anyway, remember your mom and like everyone else telling you that you need eight hours of sleep, and you took that as a personal challenge to beat while in college? Yeah all nighters are a total thing of the past with this new product. Now you can totally multitask while you sleep, because what else could you do while you sleep? Well maybe pee, but that’s not really helpful to your collegiate success.

Chegg says it best, “The Chegg Osmosis Pillow’s proprietary patent-pending memory foam will actually improve your memory. Because the way Chegg sees it, memory foam shouldn’t just remember you – it should remember everything FOR you.”

So now you can totally have it all and succeed in school. You can become knowledgeable in so many things, and we all know knowledge is power – or, at least, we will after getting the pillow.

The Chegg Osmosis Pillow is available in both regular and travel sizes.Chegg thinks of everything. In their press release, they said, “Perfect for students that want to learn an entire semester’s worth of physics in one night or students looking for a quick study session and power nap before the exam.”

You gotta act fast, like so fast you turn back time like Superman, because it’s only available on April 1. I ordered mine, but there is a backorder because it’s the greatest invention ever. But once I do get it, I will totally write a full review on it. Man, there are just so many things I’m going to be catching up on there will not be enough hours to sleep and learn. I cannot wait to have that problem!

Read more about it online here: http://investor.chegg.com/Press-Releases/press-release-details/2018/Chegg-Debuts-Innovative-New-Study-Product-the-Chegg-Osmosis-Pillow/default.aspx