Rita Book, Bookworm

Don’t know about all of you all, but I’ve gotten sick of all the “Harry Potter” spin-off books and movies since the main series’ conclusion like a decade ago. That lady up in good ole’ Great Britain needs to stop milking that loser kid with a gash on his forehead and let her only good creation die. But I must confess, when it first came out, I was just as obsessed as every other Potterhead. However, all good things must come to an end, and it just so happens a new writer has risen to pick up the mantle of wizarding YA novels. L.O.L. Bowling, hailing from the best country of them all (U.S.A. for the unenlightened), has just released her debut novel “Perry Otter and the Dam-builder’s tooth” on April 1.

The book clocks in at 345 pages (Panda Press edition) and keeps you reading long into the night. It is literally one of the hardest books to put down, and I can’t wait for the sequel, which Bowling has already said is in the final-draft stage! She hopes to make the series eight books long, an ambitious task to be sure, but one she’s longed to do since she picked up her first wizarding book. “I’ve looked up to Rowling since I was a little girl,” Bowling said in a press release. “Now, I want to best her in every way possible! This means eight books, each longer than the one before it. I’m thinking the finale will be around 1,500 pages or so.”

If this debut is anything to go by, Bowling has an easy road ahead of her, as I rank the book at least a full point (out of ten) ahead of the Philosopher’s Stone, the first entry in Rowling’s series. It just has all the things “Harry Potter” lacked, such as a strong central villain, varied character types, well-written yet easy-to-digest writing, and a connection to contemporary youth. “I agree with Rita when I say that ‘Perry Otter’ is the hottest new middle grade/YA,” said the Stagnant’s own Terri Bull. “People won’t even remember Hermione or Hagrid or whoever after this series is complete. It’s that good.”

“Perry Otter” is about a river otter who discovers he has a magical gift. He then learns of a hidden world in the forests of northwest America where magical animals go to a school to perfect their craft. A mysterious evil force is slowly destroying the land where the animals find refuge, and it is up to our magical otter and his friends to stop this from happening! There are whispers of a magical tooth, used by the famous dam-builder Beavis the beaver, that can put a stop to the evil ravaging their forests.

The book is full of action and suspense, love and loss, and every other possible cliché that makes it many times better than “Harry Potter.” But don’t take my word for it! Head to your local bookstore or the giant online retailer Amazing to purchase your copy today! You won’t be disappointed. “Perry Otter and the Dam-builder’s tooth” is the book release of the decade that children and adults alike won’t be able to put down.