Dear People,

First off, thank you for picking up a paper and reading it. It really is an accomplishment in this world full of technology.

I know it’s not completely proper for me to be addressing you, but communication should be a two way street, so listen up!

I would like to address you about an opportunity that you are missing out on. The Current Student Newspaper at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL)  is a great place to work as a student. That’s where I got my start. And man, after that job, the job offers just keep rollin’ in.

For realz though. It teaches you a variety of skills, not just the good writing and photography. It teaches you real skills like communication, computer software, organization, teamwork, social media, videography, AP style, editing, and, of course, writing and photography for those interested. The paper is not just the physical paper that you are reading now – it’s also on the interwebs so you can view it on your phones. Magic!

Sadly, no it’s not magic. There are people on our staff who learn wordpress and upload edited stories weekly and get to put it on their resumes to impress companies. Be jealous!

Or, if you don’t want to pout and give judgemental glances at people from UMSL who are succeeding, you should join the paper. It’s really not that hard and the skills you learn there can be transferred to real-world assets for careers after UMSL. Those trendsetters who are working for the paper have a headstart on creating a fantastic portfolio that they can then take to an interview. Companies LOVE looking at stuff during interviews as they listen to you. Multitasking, it’s a thing. But, I digress. Companies are WAY more likely to hire a successful UMSL student who has their act together and a nice portfolio over someone who does not.

Companies also just like people who work for the paper more than anyone else. It shows they are responsible and can critically think. It’s a skill they like. So be part of this exclusive club and say the secret words of “I worked for my school newspaper” in your next interview after working there. You will be so golden in their eyes. They might even love the topic so much that they will just keep talking about it with you. People just love talking about the paper. I’ve done it for several paragraphs now and I don’t even like writing. It’s just that great of a topic.

You can also get internship credit while working there! Wowza! Man, it’s like UMSL wants you to succeed with this hidden gem. And, it’s only for students. Faculty and staff can’t apply. It’s super exclusive. So check out the paper this semester. Pick it up, open it, read it – like you are now. But also, visualize your name and story in the paper or online. Send it back to your mom or dad and say “I did this” so they can put it up on the fridge. Go on, join to make them proud.

Or do it to highlight things that you find interesting and wish others knew about. Seem smart in front of your classmates and teachers because you got an interview with a knowledgeable professor or professional about the topic. Or just impress them with your trivia about all the knowings on UMSL’s campus.

Oh, did I mention you can meet some big whigs? Not just on UMSL’s campus, but in the community. The experience at the paper is what you make of  it. If you want to interview a band that is coming to town or go to a conference or convention in town, the paper is the way to go. So next time you are walking across campus you can wave hi to a dean of a college, or when you are out at a restaurant, you can just casually make your friends jealous and catch up with a famous artist. It’s awesome.

If you want to take it one more professional step, you can upload your portfolio up on Linkedin and start building your professional network now. Yes, Linkedin still exists and people are using it. You can even get a professional headshot taken at the paper for your press badge. That thing is great. It makes you look so legit.

Do you have questions? I know I do.

So basically, if you have read this far, I’m saying that you totally need to check out The Current Student Newspaper at UMSL. They are taking applications for the fall. Just put on the application the semester you are applying for. We also print a paper over the summer! What? That’s right. So you can get some experience before fall. Oh, and editor positions look even better on the resume, so make sure you are applying for those prime positions. They fill up fast. And bring a friend! Partners in crime are even better.

So it probably won’t mean much, but tell them that the Redditor-in-Chief at the Stagnant Student Newspaper at St. Louis University of Missouri (SLUM) sent you.

Jack Awesome, EIC of The Stagnant