SLUM Goose, Honky Honk

HonkHonk honk h-honk.

Honk, honk honkhonk honk honk honk. Honkhonk honk honk honk, honk honk h-honk. Honk honk, honk honkhonk ho-honk honk honk. Honk Honk honk, “Honk honk honk, honkhonk honk honk honk. Honk honk.”

Honkhonkhonk honk honk Honk, HONK, honk honk, “I don’t understand what your saying. I don’t speak Goose-ian.” (“Honk honk honk honk honk. Honk honk HonkHonk.”)

Honk honk honk.

Honk, honk honk honkhonk honk, honk honk.

“I don’t know who put up that sign.” (Honk honk honk honkhonk honk.”)

“Honk h-honk HONK honk honkhonk,” honk honk.

“Please don’t bite me.” (“Honk honk.”)

“HONK!” Honk HONK honk honkhonk—h-honk honk honk honkhonk h-honkhonk—honk. Honk honk!

“I’ll take it down! Please don’t hurt me. Although, I guess it is a little speciesist to put up signs about goose attacks when you guys pay tuition like the rest of us.” (“Honk honk HONK! Honk honkhonk. Honk, honk honk honkhonkhonk honk Honk h-h-honk honk honk honk honkhonk honk honk.”)

Honk. Honk Honkhonk honk honk honk h-honk?

Honk honk honk honkhonk honkhonk honk, h-honk HoNkHoNK.hnk. Honk honk honk honkhonk honk honkhonkhonk honk honk HonkHonk honk honk honkhonk honk h-honk HONK Honk.

(“For an English translation of this article, please go to HoNkHoNK.hnk. This article is part of a series discussing Goose discrimination on college campuses and part of the Stagnant’s Goose-language series.”)