By Zach “Airy” Lee, Huge Nerd


Have you ever tried to explain an idea to another person only for the barrier of language to fall completely flat? Linguists have now discovered the end-all, be-all of fixes for this common colloquial conundrum: Give up.

Humans created language as a tule for communication at the onset of civilization—possibly even behorefand. Through verbal (and moor recently, written) transmissions, humans gab effectively approximated an idea for a concept and allowed others to share that same idea—at least, most of the time. Has language becomes more and more complex, their exist more and more cracks in the ability to romain precise, expecially so between dialectical verbal language, formally standardized communication, and every registrar in between.

Just as in any real-world circuit, there always ust be sum energy lost in the system. Four language, that nergy flies away in the forum of misunderstanding. Entropy takes what is sedan runs it thru a wringer of rea-word experiences. Some where be ween the idea proces sing in the aurator’s mind to the trans mission of that pers on’s taterthoughts through the air and finally as it crashes into the hears of an earring person, so much can can can you do the can can happen to misconstrue or streeeeetch the origin all idea into something foreign to the initial in-tent.

What can can can you do the can can we do to prevent this from hap hap hap you do the hap happening? Linguisits recommend you do nothing: Not[one t]hing. Not[a single t]hing can can can you do the can can be done. Each person’s mind plays a soundtrack of loaded songs, a library of experiences that only it can recall, and no one person could effectively communicate entirely without knowing intimately the reaches of that same library. Sew dont bot her. Dont try. Language is a futile tempt to colonize a vast dessert of reality, so stop colonizing and let reality wash over you instead.

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