By a Breadwinner at SLUM

The final planning for a joint venture between St. Louis University of Missouri (SLUM) and the Saint Louis Blues is coming soon. This plan is a way for the Blues to put another staple on the Saint Louis community. SLUM hopes to get a spike in enrollment from the plan and eventually future revenue. Nobody knows when this venture will be announced except the two organizations involved.

SLUM has decided to have Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey team. Both teams will run as an independent in its beginning stages. They partnered with the Blues to provide equipment, uniforms, skates, and further help from the Blues front office. SLUM doesn’t have an ice rink though and while building a facility for it would be great it’s just not feasible for the University now. Chairman Don Notman, President of Hockey Operations Tom Legstrong, and President and CEO of Business Operations N. Vaderzim have made it possible for SLUM to practice and hold home games at the IceZone. “SLUM has been supporting and loving the Blues for years and we decided to give back to them,” said Notman.

IceZone is the official practice facility of the St. Louis Blues when Scottrade Center is not available. It is located at the St. Louis Outlet Mall and is a full NHL Ice rink. It also has plenty of other amenities for players and fans alike. The Blues have made a deal to provide this site to SLUM for four years to get the program running and in the hopes that SLUM can build their own facility. SLUM’s team jerseys will carry the Blues logo very small in the corner of the jersey much like NBA team jerseys carry their corporate sponsor.

SLUM is a NCAA DII athletic school and member of the Great Lakes Valley Conference. Currently there isn’t much of a market for DII schools in Ice Hockey and the Great Lakes Valley Conference doesn’t participate with Ice Hockey. The choices for SLUM would have been DI and DIII, but understanding the infancy of the program decided to start independent. “This is just another great way we can grow the SLUM community,” said Chancellor G. Eorge. “I bet our students will enjoy this immensely.”

There is no word on players or signings yet, but we assume to hear from both parties sooner than later. “This is a great opportunity for SLUM Athletics and we want to hit the ice running,” said SUM Director of Athletics.