By Lance Jordan, Sports Editor


The University of Missouri–St. Louis women’s golf team continued their impressive display of skill. The team claimed first place in a seven team tournament at the Buccaneer Spring Classic in Germantown, Tenn., on March 13 and 14. This is the team’s fourth title for UMSL this season.

At the end of the first round, UMSL sat in first place on March 13. UMSL left the first round with a score of 319, Truman State claimed second place with a score of 348, while McKendree and Union University followed in third and fourth with the scores of 364 and 363 respectively.

The top scorer for UMSL for day one were Alexa Capesius, junior, business administration, with her score of 77.

UMSL continued to hold the lead that Tuesday, turning in a total of 638 (319), winning the seven team event by 37 strokes. UMSL was crowned the winners after cold temperatures, strong winds, and light snow forced the cancelation of the final 18 holes.

Truman State finished with a 675 total while McKendree and Union University followed behind with scores of 695 and 704 respectively, completing the top four of the seven team tournament.

Bringing home the individual medalist honors was Capesius, scoring 77 in the first round, and 82 in the second, for a total score of 159. This will be Capesius’ first time winning the medalist honors in her career.

The Tritons also had four other women fill out the top five individual players during the tournament. Emma Thorngreen, freshman, business, scored 81 in the first round, and 79 in the second round, for a total of 160, placing her in second. Maxi Roth, sophomore, international business, took third, scoring 79 in the first, and 82 in the second, for a total of 161. Both Stefaniya Ivanova, junior, math, and Ares Boira, junior, psychology, tied for fifth place with a total score of 162.

Prior to the Buccaneer Spring Classic, the last time UMSL placed first in a tournament was the Findlay tournament which took place on October 9 and 10. The team would turn in a total score of 616. On October 17 and 18 the team placed second in a 14-team tournament at the NYC Big Apple Invitational. The team that day brought in a total score of 608.  March 5 and 6 the team played the Las Vegas Desert Classic, where the team had another spectacular performance and placed second in a 14-team tournament. On that day the team turned in a score of 613.

Looking toward their next challenge, UMSL will compete in its eighth tournament this season, The Perry Park Invitational at Perry Park Golf Resort in Perry Park, Ky. With a victory there, the Tritons will have won five tournaments over the course of the 2016-2017 season. Having yet to fall below fourth place in a tournament, there is no doubt that the women’s golf team will have another phenomenal showing.