Tori Foster, Staff Writer

Mark Twain Building- Saturday, Nov. 17, the University of Missouri–St. Louis women’s basketball opponent was Purdue Northwest. The game was the home game opener for the next series of games. It has been a rough season start for the Tritons but today can be a victory for the women’s basketball team.

As the fans start to fill in the stands, the teams started to warm up. The ball was in Tritons passion at tipoff. #3 Amaria Allen, junior, nursing, got the ball rolling for the Tritons with a 2-pointer in the paint. Both teams began to play hard and by the time it was five minutes on the clock the Tritons and Purdue were already tied 11-11. The Tritons then obtained the lead by #11 Alex LaPorta, sophomore, business, making a layup. The score was tied again 13-13 due to the teams going shot for shot. #5 McKenzie Lathrom, freshman, undecided, crossover, dribble and jumper for a 2-pointer following a layup with one minute in the game allowed the Tritons to finish the first quarter 19-22.

In second quarter, the Tritons did not hesitate to claim the lead. Lathrom made a wide-open 3-pointer once the clock started rolling. The race for the lead was very close and the score became tied for the third time 24-24 with seven minutes left in the second quarter. The Tritons man-to-man defense and box technique helped them out a lot this game. #10 Kaitlyn Henning, senior, nursing, made a wide-open layup. Next, #12 Laura Szorenyi, junior, communications, powered down the court for a one-on-one. Even though she was fouled, she still made her free throw. The score was now 34-24; the Tritons had a 10-point lead. Once the clock hit three minutes, the Tritons were running a play and Szorenyi passed the ball to Henning. The shot clock was ticking away and as Henning shot a 3-pointer as a long shot the shot clock buzzer went off. Henning’s 3-pointer change the score to 39-29. After Lathrom’s 3-pointer and a few more free throws, it was time for halftime. The score was 47-36 the Tritons were in the lead.

In the second half of the game, the Tritons kept their lead throughout the whole third quarter. Allen again with a 2-pointer in the paint, making sure the Tritons kept the monument flowing in the third quarter. Seven minutes on the clock, #2 Arielle Jackson, senior, liberal arts, assisted Allen in making another good layup. 49-38, the Tritons were determined for a win. The last minute of the quarter was finished with back-to-back jumpers from Henning and Szorenyi, ending the third quarter 68-50.

Last quarter, the Tritons persevered to their win. In the last seven minutes of the game the Tritons had  a 22-point lead. The score was 72-50 with a jumper from #23 Faye Meissner, freshman, accounting. The Tritons finished the quarter with a steal from Lathrom and easy layup. Lathrom scored nine points in the last quarter.

The game ended with a score of 88-62. Tritons first win for the season on their court.

The women’s next basketball game is Thursday, Nov. 29, at the Mark Twain Building for UMSL’s blackout game presented by the Triton Pantry. The women’s game starting at 5:30 p.m. and the men’s starting at 7:30 p.m. Their opponent will be the McKendree Bearcats. Fans who bring in cans will get a shirt, the first 400 fans will enter a raffle, and have access to the Qdoba Nacho Bar. The canned goods and donations will benefit the Triton Pantry.