Tori Foster, Sports Editor

2k is a well-known video game publisher that is famously recognized for some of the most creative, respected and premium brands in games today.  

On Friday, Sept. 6, the game “NBA 2k20” was released everywhere.  

“NBA 2k” heavily incorporates celebrities, includes many star players from the past, and celebrates as much about the culture surrounding the sport as it does the product being played on it.   

The realistic gameplay has helped the public and true basketball fanatics gain respect for the history of the NBA league.   

Any 2k player knows that the 2k series isn’t just a game you can pick up, play, and find instant success. It requires skills but it slowly becoming less intimidating.   

Among notable improvements to 2k series, there are now 27 different types of ball handlers, which adds some personality and eliminates the feeling of uniformity. Players can now use the left stick movements because they are more effective on their own now instead of having to combine with other controller inputs to make things happen.  

The biggest strategic change to the game is the use of turbo, which is now more limited. Turbo used to be a default movement, but it is now used for more sparingly and selectively. Turbo can also result in various moves and blow-bys that are far more effective and a better differentiation depending on the player’s size and speed.   

The only downside is certain situations where players can’t reach top speed since they are not in turbo. Each player should be able to hustle on fast breaks or in recovery situations regardless.  

The customizable MyLeague mode goes unchanged but it is still highly impressive for people who desire that true franchise experience.   

The WNBA is a new feature that is often overlooked when gamers discuss 2k20. It must have been just a marketing bullet point for the company. The WNBA has limited resources. The female option does not have MyLeague.  

MyLeague has many issues that should be considered broken. Players do not have the ability to invite users to the leagues and they are severe problems that prevent them from advancing. “The Neighborhood”—basically an open-world area where created characters can interact, but its true intentions are to act as a central area for product placement—did not change much but the company did add in more products to market. Most players who want more of an arcade basketball experience, go to NBA Playground 2.  

The other usual server issues are present, but hopefully they will eventually clear up like they usually do, because many modes rely mainly on the server being up and stable for the users.   

Let’s talk about the microtransactions for both MyLeague and MyCareer for a second. It is not surprising that 2k20 have the option to buy Virtual Currency to increase your player’s abilities along with being able to buy shoes, tattoos, etc.   

Despite the issues, 2k20 is worth buying.