By Lance Jordan, Sports Editor


Who will lay calm to the University of Missouri-St. Louis intramural sports three-point shootout championship? It could be reigning champion Logan England, senior, biology, your history teacher perhaps, or maybe even you.

UMSL’s Recreation and Wellness Center’s traditional three-point shootout is back, promising to be more exciting than the last. Previously, it was UMSL student England who walked away with the title of three-point king. He scored an impressive 19 points to beat his competition of 34 competitors, 31 men and three women.

The three-point shootout will take place on October 26, allowing those who want to participate plenty of time to work on their three pointers. The contest starts at 6 p.m. on court two at the RWC and lasts until 9 p.m. Participants can drop in at any time during the event, allowing plenty of time for UMSL’s best men and women to show up and show out.

“You come at six, that’s fine. You come at seven, that’s fine. You come at 8:55, that’s fine. It only takes one minute,” said Dan Bettmann, Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at the RWC.

The rules are simple for the shootout. Within the 60 seconds, participants will have one opportunity to shoot 20 basketballs. Sound simple enough? As Bettmann explains, “We have five racks of four balls per rack. Each ball is worth a point, except the last ball at each rack which is worth two points.”

Currently uncertain as of this writing is if there will be an opportunity to top the three scores. That would sep­arate this three-point shootout from any other before it. As stated on the website, the top three shooters of each gender will have the opportunity to shoot at a halftime of a UMSL Tritons basketball game, with the date to be announced. But Bettmann is unsure if these plans will remain as is or if the finale of the shootout will see the finalist finishing that night.

“We had previously spoke to some­one in athletics. But that person has since left. They wanted us to have a Rec Center night at one of their games. I’m not sure if that’s still going to happen or not,” Bettman said.

He continued, “Our hope was that at the half time of a UMSL basketball game we would take our top three or four shooters and then they would do it in front of the whole crowd.”

Unlike other intramural sports, pre-registration is not required for this event. There is no entry deadline. Just show up and it is free, giving you no reason not to stop by and show off your impressive shooting skills.

“If the turnout is great, we can do it in the spring,” said Bettmann.

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