– UMSL men’s and women’s soccer teams prepare to wrap things up –
PHOTO: Tritons soccer team on the field. Photo by Eric Harris for The Current 2014 ©


By Nicholas Perez, Staff Writer for The Current

UMSL Triton women's soccer team hard at work. Photo by Eric Harris for The Current 2014 (c)
UMSL Triton women’s soccer team hard at work. Photo by Eric Harris for The Current 2014 (c)

It’s been a rough first half of the season for the University of Missouri – St. Louis women’s soccer team but compared to last season, they are taking this year by storm. With a current record of 5-6 overall, 3-6 Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) they still have a shot at getting the bid from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In order for the women’s soccer team to improve and thrive the rest of the season, changes need to take place. According to center midfielder and captain Cassie McFadden, junior, nursing, “The only change I would make is in the offensive. We have plenty of opportunities but haven’t been capitalizing on any of them. That has really hurt us and our success.” With the GLVC Tournament only a few weeks away the Women’s soccer team has a challenging road ahead of them.

Head coach Wendy Dillinger is also doing great things as she has taken this team to a new level of greatness. New coaches usually have the stigma behind the job of not being able to handle it or having a merely “okay” season. Dillinger showed us that she is better than that. Her team loves and respects her. When asking the team about how she is doing, they exploded with praise about her as a great addition to UMSL. Cassie McFadden went on to say “Wendy is the best possible thing that could have happened to this program. She is an absolutely incredible coach. She is our biggest supporter and our biggest critic at the same time. She has more passion than anyone I’ve ever met, and would do anything to see us succeed, which is an amazing feeling. We want this, not only for ourselves but to make her proud.”

Win or lose, the Triton women’s soccer team is something to look out for. The games are exciting and you get to see amazing players go head to head with other strong conference teams. Defender Mary Hoffmann, junior, marketing, said, “We have played some tough teams so far this season. The conference is very strong from top to bottom so you cannot underestimate any opponent. We put up a good fight against good teams, some of which are nationally ranked.” The Women’s soccer team has just five more games before they head to the GLVC Tournament in November. Make sure you stop by and take part in their last two home games on October 26 and 29, including senior night against Quincy University.

The men’s team has been having an awesome season as well. They are currently 8-2-1 overall with a GLVC record of 7-2. This past Friday, they recorded a 1-0 victory over Lewis University with Jon Huelsman, sophomore, nursing, scoring the game-winning goal in minute 61. They too have just five games left before the season ending GLVC Tournament with Senior day on October 26, followed by in town rivalry match against Maryville University.

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