Katelyn Chostner, Editor-in-Chief

This past Friday, the University of Missouri–St. Louis women’s volleyball team played their fourth Great Lakes Valley Conference game in the Mark Twain building. The Tritons played the Miners from Missouri University of Science and Technology.

The game consisted of two teams who were equally matched to play against one another. It started with S&T in the lead by three points. Selena Nolte, senior, biology earned a kill in the first set which gave Triton’s their first point. Later in the set, the Miners caught up to the Tritons and created an even score of 16-16. Then, Nolte gave UMSL the lead with another kill assisted by Payton Kennelly, sophomore, biology. Finally, Kylie Rudsinski, junior, biology finished the set with two amazing kills that put the score at 24-26 with UMSL in the lead.

UMSL earned the first two points during the second set with an attack error by an S&T student, Carlie Combs and a kill made by Rudsinski. Tritons stayed ahead of the Miners for the first part of the set by showing off their skills. Charlotte Richards, freshman, criminology and criminal justice made a kill within millimeters of the out of bounds line. Again, the two teams tied up at 11-11, but a double-teamed block by Rudsinski and Amanda Vollmer, junior, nursing BSN earned the Tritons the leading point. S&T trailed close behind and eventually the teams were playing catch up with each other. The scores were tied at 14, 15, 16 and 17 until the Miners took the lead. Tritons’ coach called for a timeout. UMSL came back and earned a few points, but they failed to catch up to their competitors. The second set ended in S&T’s favor at 25-23.

The next set began with UMSL in the lead again after a kill by Maddy Russell, senior, nursing. Cara Ferchen, freshman, accounting earned the first ace of the entire game putting UMSL ahead by four points. The Tritons earned five consistent points which included Ferchen’s ace. Later in the set, UMSL fought ahead of S&T winning at a comfortable 17-25 with an attack error by S&T student, Ellen Schulz.

The game went on to its fourth set with Rudsinski earning the first point with a kill. Then, four more kills came from Alex Miner, senior, liberal studies, Russell and Nolte. Two of the kills were from Nolte and one went straight down the court line. This was another close set with the two teams competing for the lead, but toward the end S&T started to pull ahead ending the fourth set at 27-25.

The Miners took the lead in the fifth set by four points. Finally, UMSL called timeout and returned with a kill by Rudsinski. The Tritons quickly caught up to S&T with a kill by Richards that was assisted by Ferchen. It was another tight game with the two teams volleying to get their scores higher than the other’s. The play at 10-10 lasted for more than 45 seconds with each team making it as hard as possible for the other to return the ball. UMSL finally earned the point with a kill from Miner. Finally, the Tritons took the lead with a successful block from Russell and Miner making the score 11-13. S&T called a timeout at 14-12 with UMSL in the lead. The game ended with a game-winning kill from Nolte.

The ending score was 12-15 making this the third GLVC game UMSL’s volleyball team has won. This game also makes this year’s record 3-0 for home games. The leading players of this game were Rudsinski with 16 kills and seven blocks, Miner with 12 kills and nine blocks and Nolte with 12 kills and one block. Make sure to catch their upcoming home game against McKendree on Oct. 2 at 7 p.m.