By Lance Jordan, Staff Writer


Last year, the men’s basketball team hosted its second annual “Friend-Raiser” golf outing. The team considered it a success, having over 50 golfers in attendance. Sponsors for last year’s event included Coca-Cola Covallo, Grimco and more.

A year later, the third annual “Friend-Raiser” golf outing will take place October 3 at the Normandie Golf Club, the oldest public golf course west of the Mississippi River. The team is hoping for an even bigger turnout this year. So, The Current reached out to assistant men’s basketball coach Scott Gauthier to find out more about the upcoming event.

The Current (TC): Can you tell us how the “Friend-Raiser” golf outing got started?

Gauthier: Head Coach Bob Sundvold wanted to connect the past, present, and future, and the best way he thought to do that was a golf outing, where it’s just everyone having a good time playing golf, not only for current students but for our alumni, local businesses, friends, and supporters of the program.

TC: What can participants expect when attending the outing?

Gauthier: The number one thing is fun! It’s at a great golf course here in Normandie. For serious golfers it’s a chance for them to play golf. But more importantly for us is everyone coming to the event [and] having a good time. [We] will be having lunch, drinks, food, contest, games, and a swag bag giveaway that has various items. So we’re really just trying to connect people.

TC: What are some memorable moments that stick out from the previous events?

Gauthier: This will be my first event. I haven’t had the chance to participate. But I know you get a bunch of people together and you hear a bunch of stories, some that aren’t printable. So I’m looking forward to what’s in store this year.

TC: Has the university or local businesses supported the event in the past? And how have they been supportive this year?

Gauthier: Absolutely! Mary Jo Adams in the Alumni Office who helped send out the information to 35,000 alumni… The Current for getting the information out… local businesses in Ferguson have been fantastic. Last year almost all of them donated an item to give away. We had a local bakery that baked cookies to give away to every participant.

TC: Any notable names that you know of, that are participating in the outing?

Gauthier: In the past we had a lot of our former players come back. We’ve have major companies such as Grimco, Marriot Hotel, Aflac Insurance. A lot of local businesses, who are actively recruiting students. A lot of people like to wait till the last minute, so we are still building our list of attendees.

TC: If someone is unable to attend can they still donate to the team?

Gauthier: Absolutely! Whether its current students, former students, faculty, we have a website where you can go onto, if they are unable to attend. If it’s $1, $5, $10, whatever, we’re looking for any type of donation we can get, because we are looking to use the donations for capital improvements and enhancements. So we appreciate any type of support we can get.

TC: Anything else you would like to share about the outing on the third?

Gauthier: I just want to make sure that even people who aren’t golfers know it’s open to anybody. We’re going to have a social hour so if people want to come out and make a donation or just want to come out and make a connections athletically, or professionally we’ll have people out there. There will be a lot of people out there who aren’t going to golf. At the end of the day we want to put on an event that will have people say ‘hey that was a lot of fun!’