Tori Foster, Staff Writer

Hyland Arena St. Charles- Wednesday, Nov. 14, the women’s basketball team went against the Lindenwood Lions. The University of Missouri–St. Louis women’s basketball team opened the 2018-19 season in Michigan earlier this month. The Tritons current standing was 0-2 from the losses of Davenport and Grand Valley State. This game for the Tritons will wrap up the on-the-road games for the beginning of the season.

The Tritons tipped off the first quarter with a great start. #2 Arielle Jackson, senior, liberal arts, tried to set the momentum of the game by having three layups in the paint, two of three were from fast breaks. Once the clock hit four minutes, the Tritons were up by 10 points. The score was 20-10. The Lions slowly tried to come back before the clock ran out by scoring 19 points. The Tritons finished in lead 26-21.

The second quarter started off slow for the Tritons, but quickly got intense with the help of #11 Alex LaPorta, sophomore, business, and Jackson’s layups in the paint. The game became tied 30-30 and it was anybody’s game to win. The players’ adrenaline began to increase, and the Tritons and Lions played a very close game for a few until Lindenwood stayed in the lead 34-41. The Tritons attempted to catch the lead by making a layup as the clock hit zero leaving the score 38-43. The Tritons were able to scored 12 points in the second quarter.

LaPorta and Jackson kicks off the third quarter trying to steal the lead from the lions. The scoreboard showed 46-51 with six minutes still on the clock. #12 Laura Szorenyi, senior, communications, who made nine points from her four free throws and a 3-pointer, allowed the Tritons to score 20 points in the third quarter. Unfortunately, the quarter ended 58-66.

In the last quarter the Tritons had a couple of turnovers, but Szorenyi made two free throws from a foul from Lindenwood’s Kylie Ferguson. Jackson followed with one free throw from a foul from Lindenwood’s Jade Giron. Jackson was determined for the Tritons to win; she had a 3-pointer in between the Lions’ layups. The score was 64-76 and it was only three minutes left in the game. #10 Kaitlyn Henning, senior, nursing, had a fast break in the paint with one-minute left on the clock with pressure on her shoulders she made a 2-pointer. The Tritons finished up the game with a final score of 66-82.

Despite the loss, the top 4 games leaders for field goals this game was Jackson with 27 points, Szorenyi with 15 points, LaPorta with 8 points, and #5 McKenzie Lathrom, freshman, undecided, with 6 points. Szorenyi was able to finish with a season high of 15 points making all her free throws (14-of-14).  The Tritons shot 34.8 percent after a 47.7 percent clip through the third quarter.

Saturday, Nov. 17, at 1 p.m. the Tritons will face Purdue Northwest home. UMSL will host the six-game home stand for the women’s basketball team at the Mark Twain Building.