By Lance Jordan, Staff Writer


Back for a second year, 4-Player Volleyball will be played inside the Recreation and Wellness Center. Registration begins on on October 11.

Not wanting students to miss out on this fun and exciting intramural sports event, The Current reached out to the Rec Center’s Assistant Director of Competitive Sports Daniel Bettmann, who has been running volleyball leagues for 11 years, starting at institutions before the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Bettmann was happy to talk about the safe, fun, and sportsmanlike showing of this year’s league.

The Current (TC): What makes 4-Player Volleyball one of the most popular intramural sports?

Bettmann: It’s one of the best sports to play co-ed wise. Last year we had 21 total teams participate, 15 co-ed, and six men and women teams. Volleyball seems like it’s just easier for the men and women to play together [while] there is some hesitancy with some of our other sports, such as flag football.

As well, four player makes it easy, because you only need four starters. Sports that require hire numbers, it’s hard to get teams. For example, if we had 11 on 11 soccer it [would] be harder to get a lot of teams. So we try to keep the roster size small to make it easier.

TC: How do students register? And what’s the deadline?

Bettmann: For all intramural sports you register on Then if you don’t have an account you create one. [For] non-students who have memberships at the Rec Center, if they don’t have a student ID, they just have to request an account and I’ll go in and approve it.

4-Player Volleyball registration will open up on Oct 11 until the deadline, Tuesday, November 1 at 3 p.m.

All you need is your team name and your name to start, and then take a short captain quiz, just on the basics on the rules which is five to six questions long. And then you can add players during that time, or you can add people during the season.

It’s free; the only fee we have associated with intramural sports, is if you forfeit. Then we charge the captain $25 dollars. That’s because we want a high play rate.

TC: The next step after registering is attending a captain’s meeting? Can you talk a little about what goes on at the meeting?

Bettmann: At the captains meetings, you automatically get put into a waitlist. Then you get to choose your league, after meeting the minimum amount of players which is three people.