By Lance Jordan, Sports Editor


On January 16 Daniel Brodsky started his first day in the University of Missouri–St. Louis Athletics Department as the coordinator of external operations.

Jarret Alexander, who as of two weeks ago is no longer with UMSL, informed Brodsky of this position opening. “He reached out to me and said they had the position open and wanted me to interview for it,” Brodsky says. “My father got his undergrad and graduate degrees here at UMSL. I knew there was a lot of progressive action taking place on campus and that this position would allow me to start my career in a really positive way.”

At Ball State University, Brodsky chose sports administration as his major. “I was an athlete in high school. I was a pretty good athlete,” Brodsky recalls. “I think analytically. I have a business-oriented mind. So business was what I thought I really wanted to go into, and sports administration is basically sports business.”

Brodsky’s talent is backed up with an impressive list of internships during his studies. He served as a promotional events game day intern for the Cincinnati Reds, completed an internship with the Indiana Pacers, and has also done internships for Lindenwood Athletics and the Parkway North High School Athletic Department. To this day, the internship with the Reds is something Brodsky still thinks about.

“Baseball is my favorite sport. My dad has been a Cardinals season ticket holder my whole life. I was a baseball player for two years at Ball State as well. So to be able to work in baseball, especially at the major league level—even though it was not for the Cardinals—was a dream come true. Fortunately in my position I was able to be around the team and on the field a bit,” Brodsky says.

As coordinator of external operations he will take on the day-to-day operations of the athletic department, which is made up of three main components. “One of which is corporate partnership, so sponsorship is basically what it is. Any signage that you see around the gym and facility is what I will be selling. Another component is marketing, trying to increase our brand, awareness, and visibility—obviously on campus, and throughout the community as well. Lastly game operations, it’s pretty much the implementation of planning pertaining to an athletic event. A lot of people think you pull the bleachers out, you roll a ball in the middle of the court and you start a basketball game. Well, there is the staffing, when you walk in through the door there’s someone selling tickets, someone at the concession stand, custodians around the facility. You have the actual game itself, which has the referees, PA announcers, so there’s different scripts you have to write that they have to read off of. You have to set up the score table, cameras for instant replay. You have to figure out a way to tear it all down and do it again.”

As previously mentioned, Brodsky played for two years on Ball State baseball team, where they won the 2014 mid-American regular season conference championship. Before Ball State, Brodsky attended Parkway North High School, where he also played baseball and severed on the school newspaper. Only five weeks into the position, Brodsky is already hard at work preparing the spring semester’s home games for the different athletic programs. Brodsky hopes his time at UMSL affects the school in a positive way.

“Here at UMSl a lot of people might see the challenges as nothing but a challenge. But with challenge comes opportunity, and I see the potential our department and the school as a whole has,” he says.