Tori Foster, Sports Editor

There were many interesting trades and deals made this offseason to get ready for the 2019-20 NBA season.

Kevin Durant was one of the biggest names during free agency outside of Kawhi Leonard.

The Brooklyn Nets made a major power play in the franchise by acquiring All-Star Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving along with veteran center DeAndre Jordan.

The 6’9” small and power forward, Kevin Durant, signed a four-year $164 million contract with the Nets which includes a player option for the final year.

He spent most of his career playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder as a small forward but once he became a free agent, he signed with the Gold State Warriors for three years. Within the past three years, Durant won two NBA championships along with two Finals MVPs. Durant is known for averaging 27 points throughout his career but he only averaged 26 points in the 2018-19 season.

He explained his motives for the pick while talking to the Nets general manager Sean Marks. Durant stated, “I love the system. I love how you guys play. We could never take you guys lightly.”

Unfortunately, he might miss the entire upcoming season with the team due to his Achilles injury from last season but after Durant returns, he plans on winning another NBA championship.

The six-time All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving was another popular free agent this summer who signed with the Nets. They agreed to a four-year deal worth $141 million.

Irving spent his first six seasons in the NBA playing for the Cleveland Cavalier and the past two years with the Boston Celtics.

The 27-year-old averages 22.2 points throughout his career.

Center DeAndre Jordan is a very different player from Irving and Durant.

Even though the 30-year-old average 9.6 career points, he is still a productive big man. Jordan signed a four-year, $40 million deal with the Nets. Durant and Irving both will accept less than the max so Jordan can sign for $10 million annually.

The Nets finally have a “Big Three.”

The Nets made it to the playoffs 2018-19 season as the sixth seed and now they have taken the steps necessary to become an elite team in the Eastern Conference with a veteran at the core.

The team might come closer to winning the Eastern Conference since Caris Levert, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, and Joe Harris are returning next season.