By Lance Jordan, Sports Editor


The University of Missouri–St. Louis baseball team is off to a rocky start following three losses in their first three games of the season. The Tritons first two matchups were a part of the Dunn Hospitality tournament in Evansville, Indiana, on February 25 and 26. The team then found themselves in Boliver, Missouri, to take on the Southwest Baptist Bearcats on February 28.

UMSL’s first matchup saw them taking on the Indianapolis UIndy. Between the two teams a combined seven runs was scored in the first inning. The Tritons took the lead with four runs, while Ulndy trailed by just one run. Ulndy battled back scoring five runs in three unanswered innings. With the game 8-4 in Ulndy’s favor, UMSL finally scored another run at the top of the fifth. However, Ulndy would score four runs in the bottom of the sixth to extend their lead even further. The final score of the matchup saw the Tritons defeated 13-6.

Jacob Monti, junior, unknown, had two hits and stole two bases during the matchup, while Cooper Vinz, junior, unknown, and Derrick Freeman, freshman, supply chain management, each had a hit and an RBI.

UMSL’s second matchup in the Dunn Hospitality tournament saw the Tritons taking on the Saint Joseph Pumas. The first inning went without either team scoring a run. In the second inning, the Pumas took the lead, scoring one run. UMSL would come back to tie up the game at the bottom of the third inning with a run of their own. Points in the sixth and eighth allowed Saint Joseph to clutch the victory over the Tritons, 3-1.

In the third inning, Freeman came home after a hit from Jake Morsch, junior, unknown. Pitcher Zach Lindsay, senior, biology, would strike out four players and issue only one walk.

UMSL traveled to Boliver, Missouri, to face the Southwest Baptist Bearcats in a game that saw a total of 26 points combined from both teams. 16 of those runs came from Southwest Baptist, who were able to show up UMSL, who scored 10 runs.

The action started early as the Tritons acquired two runs at the top of the first inning, before the Bearcats fired back with five runs of their own. The second inning saw both teams score three runs apiece, bringing the game score up 8-5, Bearcats. Once again in the fourth inning both teams tied runs with one apiece. In the fifth inning, the Tritons were unable to score as the Bearcats collected three runs at the bottom of the fifth. By the top of the eighth, the Bearcats led 16-6 before UMSL collected four uncontested runs. But this would be all the Tritons would accomplish, as the game’s final score was 16-10, Bearcats.

Looking to improve their record, the Tritons will be in Clearwater, Florida, to participate in the Clearwater Invitational. UMSL will play a total of six games during the week, starting with Ohio Valley on March 6.