By Alex Neupert, Sports Editor

Hey UMSL students! As spring is finally here (or at least it was last week) and summer is just around the corner, we at The Current want to inform our readers of the fun outdoor activities available in the St. Louis area.

One such example is a sport called disc golf. Much like traditional golf, the aim is to complete each hole on an 18-hole course in a specific amount of tries, or ‘strokes’. The main difference, one that gives disc golf its name, is that players throw small aerodynamic discs toward the holes, which are really chain baskets.

The best thing about the sport is that aside from your starting purchase of a couple discs, which can also be bought in ‘used’ condition for a few dollars less from stores such as Play It Again Sports, disc golf does not cost a dime to play except for what extra you want to put into it.

There are many courses in the area to play at as well. All you need to do to find one near you is type in ‘disc golf’ into your Google Maps, and you will find plenty. Some local favorites are Endicott Park, right off of St. Charles Rock Road just west of I-170, and Creve Coeur Park, next to Creve Coeur Lake. However, there are tons of different courses around the city to try out.

Compared to most sports, disc golf is much more laid back and the perfect social activity to do with friends, no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran. If you run into other disc golfers, odds are they will give you advice, suggest a different place to go to, and probably argue about who should go ahead first. Just be sure to have fun, and read Alternative Sports next week for more outdoor shenanigans!