By Lance Jordan, Sports Editor


On March 16 the Associated Black Collegians (ABC) will host a 5-on-5 March Madness–style basketball tournament at the Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on courts one and two.

“I love playing basketball,” said Brandi Fields, junior, nursing. “I used to play in high school. I stopped in my senior year just because I knew I was going to school for nursing and eventually knew I would have to stop at the collegiate level.”

Fields is the current president of ABC and spoke to The Current on why the organization chose to run this event for a second year.

“Basically out of my passion for basketball. I always look for an excuse to play. I don’t really get to go up to the Rec too often because of my schedule, but this is one of the times that I do. And it worked last year, so were continuing it,” Fields says.

Fields joined the organization her freshman year in 2014. She had come from a predominantly white school and wanted to get in touch with her people, which led her in her search when picking an organization.

“There was a list of organizations they had in the orientation packet, so I was going through the list highlighting the ones that sound interesting to me and this one stuck out,” Fields said. “I also had a cousin who went here and told me about the organization. She was on the executive board one year. So I kind of saw it out for myself, went to a couple of events, and I was like, yeah, I want to pay my dues.”

Last year, Fields was elected as president after severing as their events coordinator.

The March Madness tournament will have basic basketball rules. There will be 10 minutes per game, depending on the number of teams entered. The highest scoring team will advance once the time has expired in the matchup. Ties are settled with a 30 second overtime play.

Last year, the tournament ran 3-on-3 teams instead of the 5-on-5 teams introduced this year.

“We had a lot of people come out [last year]. This year I decided to make it a 5-on-5 just because I felt like it would attract more people. So we’ll see how this year goes,” Fields said. “Next year, I’ll probably suggest to the board a 3-on-3 part or a 5-on-5 part and you can choose which one you want to do. Depending on how this one goes.”

Registration is closed for the event, but that should not stop any student or community member from coming out and cheering on competing teams at no cost.

“It’s just another event. You can come out and just get away from the everyday academic obligations that you have,” Fields says. “My overall thing is basketball is for the culture so why not promote an event for the culture.”

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