By Jasjit Singh, staff writer

In week one against the Chiefs the Patriots lost in overwhelming fashion as Kansas City just kept pouring on points against the Patriots defense.

In the loss, Tom Brady put up some career worst numbers. He went 16-36 for 267 passing yards and zero touchdowns. He also got sacked three times and put up a horrendous QBR of 35.1. It was the first game Brady has failed to score a touchdown in since a 2009 game against the Jets.

Brady is 40 years old, which means he is not a spring chicken. Brady has been in the NFL for 17 years, for his position that is a long time. Brady is also one of the more unpopular players so he takes a lot of unnecessary hits. Not to take anything away from the spectacular career of Tom Brady but 40 has been the downfall for many of the greatest quarterbacks in the National Football League. Quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, and Brett Favre; All legends have seen their career plummet after the age of 40. As his week one numbers show Brady may have lost the spring in his step. Like I said before it’s not a bad thing because he has had a very illustrious career but it might be time to hang up the cleats.

The physical game of football is full of injury risks. Especially with the dangers of concussions, Brady might want to stop while he is ahead. In the last two years, many players under the age of 30 have retired due to concussion dangers including Chris Borland, AJ Tarpley, and John Urschel. So, the danger is real, and the worst thing to happen would be for Brady to get severely hurt. He has had a history of some good health but a lot of things change after 40. This might have been just a onetime occurrence but if Brady really has been bitten by the bug then the Patriots might look to invest in a younger quarterback.