By Anonymous, Guest Writer


The public needs to be the most attentive to this election right now.

Independents,  retired Republicans, and Democrats are expressing their disdain for this election, referring to it as “stupid,” “disgusting,” and “horrific”—to the point that they have given up. This is detrimental. We cannot lose these smart voters to the apathy of the chaos, and we cannot allow these smart voters to be indoctrinated by the deceptive Clinton campaign—because it is not in fact chaos. It is an orchestrated master plan devised by one of the most corrupt public figures of our time. And it will be detrimental if the American public continues to support this.

Laugh at me as you will, at my assertion of perceived conspiracy. I maintain my position that this is not conspiracy. This is an appropriate conclusion given by the largely ignored evidence indicating the depth of corruption running through the veins of this country, into our institutions, wealth, bureaucracy, and the American public. Corruptive perpetrators are wearing our blood on their hands. And they are reaching inside of us, dismantling our weaponry and taking whatever they see fit, using us as ignorant slaves. The evidence exists within the Podesta emails : from the detrimental foreign affairs negotiations, to the sheer failure to portray any sign of honesty in her public personality as displayed in her debate rhetoric.

Yes, I am talking about Hillary Clinton. The leader that will defend women’s rights. The Democrat concerned for the middle class. The poor woman that has met so many obstacles as a result of her gender. The woman just like you. The citizen. Just like you and me.

But also, the deceptive manipulator that has successfully crafted these identities into packages acceptable to defenseless America—by circumstance or by choice.

Let me explain.

Or really, just state.

She is exploiting her supporters. She is exploiting the American people.

The Podesta emails refer to us, the American public, largely as “functional illiterates.” The Clinton campaign  is not ignorant of the stupidity of American citizens. And Clinton is using this to her advantage by pandering to the easily-manipulated, the uneducated, and those who lack critical thinking skills . It just so happens that these people are also the majority of her supporters—minorities, women, and the impoverished.

There is no reason to assume that these groups are inherently incompetent or unintelligent, but Clinton treats them as such. She exploits their lack of opportunity in equal education. She exploits their lack of interest in critical thinking. She exploits their feelings, by comforting them with her feminine roles and her appropriate word choices by asserting false relation to her supporters. Her campaign managers are fully aware of the weaknesses of this country, and they are using it against us.

Trump’s critics attack his entire campaign for being untrustworthy, chaotic, unintelligent—notice how the irony of this campaign is that Trump’s character actually brings out MORE critical thinking and attacks on him than Clinton from her supporters. The liberal public is rushing to defend Clinton, bowing down in front of her, stripping  naked for her to burn them with her tactics. And afterwards, those same people  become fiercer, smarter, and more strategic in their critiques. And their daggers and arrows are hitting him hard.

Clinton is seizing on political correctness, and on the chaos ensuing in the black, impoverished, disappearing middle class, etc. communities to gain the vote. She is preying on the desperate. And she gets an easy pass, because she is a woman—because she says all the right things. Trump is continuously attacked for his poor treatment of women, minorities, the poor, and disabled. But it is Clinton who actually treats women, non-whites, the poor, and the disabled as the lesser creatures by preying on their lack of ability and/or interest to defend themselves and to critically analyze her messages. She trusts that these skills will not be directed at her soon because she has the media and the public’s deepest insecurities to mask her. Trump’s entire character practically FORCES the public to critically analyze him, bringing out our greatest strength. But she is a manipulator. The devotion to this manipulation raises the question as to what her true motives really are. From dismantling the Bernie Sanders campaign, to causing unrest at Trump rallies, she is not to be trusted.

Leaders deserve to be the most scrutinized. And it is the leader that sets the standard of scrutiny. Minorities, the impoverished, and women do not deserve to be treated like stupid fools who have no capacity to think. But most importantly, these groups should not act like stupid fools who turn their alertness off at the sight of a stout, mother-aged woman.

While it may seem counterintuitive and invoke large amount[s] of fear, the Trump vote will actually leave this country in better hands.

We can count on the very things that his opponents criticize in order to ultimately be on our side: erratic behavior, poor public composure, determination, and immaturity that of a small boy.

When he gets elected into office, he will be privileged to the knowledge and secrets of the American government. Past presidents typically become integrated, and possibly recruited into the system of corruption because of their naïve altruism that being president merely represents prestige and “helping people.” Trump has this as well, but past presidents have been coupled with their maturity, which is the thing that lets the public know nothing.

Trump already hates the insiders. And when he finds out how far the corruption has run in this government, he will either lose his cool and naïvely spout all of the secrets like the impulsive being he is, or crumble himself out of office at the awareness of this knowledge. We can use his behavior to judge and know what is truly going on in our government. And from that, we can reform.

Clinton supporters must dismantle this fugue state of imaginary trust and promise. And wake up. Join Trump. Not for his superior intellect and praiseworthy political experience, but for the lack of it. It is what the American public needs to achieve transparency.