Dalila Omerovic, Opinions Editor

Politics is a never-ending game and the rules of the game are changing every week, as illustrated by our very own government. 

Last week, the House took the first step in an impeachment inquiry against President Trump by outlining some rules that the investigation committee must follow. At that same time last week, many House Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, were hesitant to label the investigation into the president as an impeachment inquiry. However, this quickly changed after some alarming news came into the spotlight this week. 

A new White House scandal emerged and it goes like this: President Trump called the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to congratulate him on winning Ukraine’s presidency in their recent election, in what was supposed to be a routine phone call. These types of calls are listened in on and recorded in a transcript, and this call was no different. In the call, Trump began by stating how the U.S. is a strong ally to Ukraine and helps them significantly more than their other allies, including the European Union. 

After Zelensky affirmed that the U.S. is a good ally to Ukraine, Trump urged the president multiple times to launch an investigation into Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, who has business in Ukraine. This call came before the White House delayed releasing aid to Ukraine until mid-September. 

U.S. officials reported the phone call and the delayed funds to higher officials. The official whistleblower reported all of the information he or she received and sent it to government watchdogs in the Senate. The official complaint was declassified and can be read here, and the recorded transcript of the phone call can be read here, although the White House did note that it is a summary of the call and not a verbatim transcript between the two presidents. 

The official complaint reveals to the public that the whistleblower is deeply concerned about the president’s actions that potentially violate the law through the use of his office to advance personal interests. The complaint also reveals that several senior White House officials attempted to lock down all records of the call, which included the word-for-word transcript that was recorded, as is customary in routine phone calls with foreign leaders. The whistleblower says this was done because the officials understood the severity of what transpired during the call. 

All of these events lead to Speaker Pelosi announcing an official impeachment investigation into the president. Public opinion also shows most Americans support Trump’s impeachment if he’s found guilty of withholding aid from Ukraine in an effort to get an investigation into Biden. 

We must hold the President accountable for his actions. Although it’s been difficult to do this in the past, this incident seems easy enough to warrant his impeachment. However, the House faces a difficult job. Not only must they diligently investigate the president, but they also have to be careful not to upset moderate, middle of the line voters who already face frustrations with the government and who may be further turned off by an impeachment investigation.