Matt Poposky

“Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?” Sure, this may be a line from a song straight out of the ’90s, but honestly, it applies as much now as it did then, if not more so. Furthermore, it has gotten to a point where not only women should be asking this question, but men as well (with slight modifications to the lyrics in some instances, and, in others, the lyrics may stay just as they are).

This world prospers on the concept of instant gratification. It is becoming increasingly difficult for those who are truly looking for a relationship, truly looking for dedication and open, honest love, to find anything even slightly resembling what they pursue. After all, society says to have sex, have it often, and have it with as many people as one possibly can. So, in this society, why would anybody want to be a “good man,” much less somebody worthy of being called a “god” by their partner?

This style of life emerged from the conquering, inseminating mindset which capitalism in general brings about. Capitalism says that people need to do everything in their power to gather as many possessions as possible. Somehow, in the past hundred years, it has become more and more common (as it was a practice prior to this time, and even prior to capitalism) to view sexual “conquests” as material possessions. Men and women alike brag of their many sexual endeavors and the more physically attractive, often mentally insignificant individuals one can “acquire” for their portfolio, the more respected one is amongst their peers.

This is absolutely despicable. There was once a time when courting a woman meant more than trying to get in her pants, and vice versa. There was once a time when women respected the men who attempted to care for them, and did not abandon them the moment a more monetarily-proficient option came into view. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence, but, again, this is a view modern society seems to misunderstand. Sometimes, true happiness is acquired not by conquering everything around oneself, but by finding happiness with somebody who will truly care for eternity. What a lost concept on modern generations.

Kids are having sex at younger and younger ages. There is a strong disconnect between the physicality of sex and the emotional aspects it is meant to require. Sex is nothing more than sex now. Why should anybody commit themselves to a single person, when sex can be gotten in any dark, dive of a bar on any given night? Why indeed.

Today’s generations are setting themselves up to birth children who will know nothing of love or commitment. Children who will see their roots, and believe that sex should not have a personal attachment, that it should be nothing more than a physical urge which is to be satisfied at any given time, with anybody who will spread their legs.

Wise up, kids. Look at the example this is setting for future generations, and maybe consider taking a step back and trying to find somebody truly worth the time. Try finding somebody truly worth the wait. Believe it or not, sex is actually exponentially more satisfying when with a partner with which a caring bond is shared. Consider this for a moment the next time a random hottie passes the bar.