– Point-Counterpoint explores two sides of an issue
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POINT: Let’s Move to Mars

Humans most certainly should colonize our red neighboring planet, Mars. The entire goal of a species is to survive and produce offspring. The truth is that humanity will not last forever on Earth. If we do not colonize other planets, then humans will eventually go extinct. It is quite important that the human civilization provide itself with more security as a species.

Imagine the diplomatic potential that colonizing another planet will have. With all nations working together toward a common goal, fewer differences and more commonalities will be shared. Rather than going toe-to-toe with other countries in bouts of rage and hysteria, all countries can unite in a joint goal, potentially thwarting human civilization into a virtually worldwide peacetime.

Martian-Human settlements would be highly beneficial in displaying our level of advancement as a species. Assuming that humans are the only advanced life form in the universe is an incredibly self-centered and ignorant statement. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have evolved so rapidly, that future interactions with other intelligent species must be considered. There are various funded units already preparing should the incident occur. Having humans on multiple planets would show that we are advanced enough and capable of interplanetary travel. This would help preserve our species.

So, humans should most definitely colonize mars for the betterment of our species. The purpose of a species is to reproduce, thrive, and grow. Putting human settlements on the red planet and even one day committing to a terraforming project would ensure our survival in the event of an Earthly cataclysm.


COUNTERPOINT: Humans should not colonize Mars

Humans should not even think about colonizing Mars. In the event that technology advances to the point where we can begin to settle on other planets, we, as a species, should first consider if that’s a move we’re ready to make.

As a planet and as a species, we don’t have the best history when it comes to colonization. One need only skim the pages of any history book to see that. Look at how we’ve treated other humans just because they were different from us or had something we wanted for ourselves. What if Mars is already home to intelligent life, or resources that we want or need? We all saw Avatar; that story doesn’t end well. Can you imagine what fresh horrors we would inflict on a species when it would be so easy to defend it morally with a simple ‘They’re not even human’?

Humans haven’t even mastered how to treat each other humanely on our own planet, and we’ve had more than enough time to practice. How long would it be before our species fell victim to in-fighting, entire countries going to war on Martian soil in order to claim the most territory? Mars would become just another blood-soaked battlefield.

We should focus on cleaning up the mess in our own backyards (and front yards, and houses) before we talk about spreading it throughout the galaxy.


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