Melvin Taylor, Brand Marketer

Nov. 1, 2018, Nintendo had their final Nintendo Direct for the upcoming game “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” and I had mixed thoughts on it. The direct revealed the final roster for the game, the new Spirits mode, future downloadable content and a new adventure mode. It started off with a reveal trailer for Ken from Street Fighter and Incineroar from Pokémon. Part of the trailer for these two characters was animated and it looked beautiful watching the characters fight against each other. Ken’s moveset in the game will be similar to his “Street Fighter II Turbo” appearance while Incineroar’s moveset has mostly pro wrestling moves. Incineroar poses after it has a successful attack. It looks like a fun character to watch and play as.

I was surprised to hear that these two characters would be the last additions to the roster in the game. Back in September, creator of “Super Smash Bros,” Masahiro Sakurai, talked about how they may have already announced too many characters for the game and would be “living modestly from here on out.” While I was aware of Sakurai’s comments, I kept up with rumors for the game which made me expect more than he said. All those rumors turned out to be false and that is fine. A roster of 74 characters is huge and will be wonderful to play as.

They also talked about the new Spirits mode which had been unknown up until this point. In this mode, spirits are numerous video game characters that have lost their physical form. Spirits can enhance a character’s powers as they fight with enemies. Spirits can level up, be fed snacks, evolve, train and hunt for treasure. Players can fight against each other with spirits equipped. In past “Super Smash Bros” games, players would collect trophies of characters from video game history. In the direct, they talked about how this was a lot of work to do so they are doing spirits now. It looks like they are using artwork from video games instead of creating 3D models for each one which makes a lot of sense. Overall I thought Spirits was boring and I do not see myself playing this mode for a long time.

Nintendo went on to announce that the For Fun and For Glory modes from the previous game are no longer needed. Instead, players can select rules that they like and will be matched with other players that have similar rules. I preferred For Fun and For Glory as it made simple to find what you are looking for. Giving players the option to edit the rules seems like it could be a problem as they may not always get the game rules they desire. I hope the change is better than I think it is. It was announced that players will be matched with those closer to them in the world. This makes a lot of sense as the series has had slow online gameplay in the past.

The customizable character, the Mii Fighter was announced to have new costumes. They all looked great, but my standout favorite was the Toy-Con set costume inspired by the recent Nintendo Labo cardboard sets. Downloadable content will be coming to the game after they are done developing the base game. Five brand-new characters will be coming to the game in the future. Each character will come with a stage and music. I figured the game would be supported with extra content.

A reveal that came out of nowhere was Piranha Plant from the Super Mario series being announced as a playable fighter. This choice was odd due to the Piranha Plant being a random Super Mario enemy and not a noteworthy character. Despite that, the character looks great and I cannot wait to play as it. It will be available months after the game’s launch and will be free for a limited time.

The direct ended with a showcase of the game’s new adventure mode known as World of Light. In the reveal, the entire cast of characters is standing on a cliff with an army of Master Hands and Crazy Hands above that appear to be led by Master Core from the previous game. The hands turn into light that destroys all of the characters except Kirby who manages to get away. In this mode, players will fight evil versions of the characters.

While this Nintendo Direct started off strong with two character reveals, it quickly became boring to watch as they focused on seemingly small details that players can discover on their own. While I liked the character reveals, Mii Fighter costumes and the World of Light mode, I thought this video was too long for what it showed off. Every Nintendo Direct does not have to be extremely long so I think a lot of this content could have cut out from the video. With every character from the series in this game and the World of Light adventure mode, I am looking forward to purchasing this game when it drops Dec. 7, 2018.