Ian Heye, Staff Writer

Ever since the 2016 election, America has been a divided nation. From conversations with friends to Congress, Americans find themselves debating about whether one side is right about an aspect of American life.

One of these topics has recently taken the spotlight: abortion. New York recently passed legislation allowing abortions if the fetus is not viable (no heartbeat detected or if the human chorionic gonadotropin levels are low) or the birth of the child puts the mother’s life at risk.

Critics have gone to social media saying this law allows parents to murder a child. However, proponents of this law are saying the law is making childbirth safer. A freshman at the University of Missouri-St. Louis believes this law is a good option for mothers, despite being an opponent to abortion.

“In certain aspects, I do support it because why would you have a child if it is going to die soon after the birth,” they said. “And from the mother’s perspective, she wants to hold and see her baby… but if her life is in danger, she should have the option to have the abortion.”

For the freshman, it’s a matter of cause and effect. Why give birth to a child if it could be stillborn, why go through with a child birth if the mother will die in the process. When it comes to another freshman at UMSL, she believes the risk is worth taking.

“I’m prolife and I get why the mother would want an abortion if her health was in danger or if the child will be stillborn. But I, personally, wouldn’t get an abortion,” she said. “I wouldn’t say I’m against it, but I wouldn’t say I’m for it. I would risk having a baby be stillborn or risk myself before I have an abortion.”

The law has been the topic of social media platforms, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, with opponents and proponents of the law arguing about the ethics surrounding the law. An UMSL junior believes the argument has caused the law to be misrepresented.

“I’m in support of it [the new abortion law] and think it’s an important step forward,” the junior said. “The law has been misrepresented a lot and I believe people don’t have an accurate grasp of it. It only allows abortions if the fetus isn’t viable or if the mother’s’ health is at risk.”

Media platforms have been a heavy influence on how the public understands issues, such as the new abortion law. Being able to understand new law, whether the law is in your state or not, is an important part of being a citizen. Issues like abortion will continue to be a very controversial topic. Proponents of abortion want women to be able to make their own decision on aborting a child whereas opponents believe that aborting a fetus, not matter what stage the pregnancy is at, is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed.

The split in society on this issue comes from each side only looking at the issue from their own point of view, that is why this new bill needs to be passed. If a mother doesn’t want an abortion, they don’t have to have one. But the option should be available for those who do want an abortion. There isn’t a wrong or right answer when it comes to deciding if having a late term abortion is killing a child, it’s a matter of opinion.