By Christian Chen, Staff Writer

Angry sounding music has long been seen as having a negative impact on people, something that worsens anger management problems instead of improving them. However, both recent research and my own personal experience seem to indicate that rock music may actually be good for you.

For one thing, rock music helps with blood pressure. A study done by Carnegie Melon University found that rock music actually lower blood pressure and reduced the secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone released by the body.

In addition, rock music was found to help with anger management. A study done by Frontiers in Neuroscience found that aggressive rock music had a calming effect on those who listened to it. They reported soothing effects of rock and heavy metal that were unique to fans of the genre and that the music helped to regulate sadness. In addition, listeners were less likely to feel depressed after listening to such music.

I see this calming effect in my own personal life. Whenever I get angry in real life, I begin to listen to angry sounding music like Linkin Park, Slipknot, Gojira, and other metal bands. My actual procedure involves me angrily screaming at my laptop or phone as the music blares. The ultimate effect is the near complete elimination of the desire to lash out against others. Unfortunately, the method isn’t without its own problems. Sometimes the angry thoughts return much sooner than anticipated, and with much higher intensity. This will usually result in me angrily yelling at nothing for no reason at all. This has also led to fears that the procedure may be counterproductive. This has also led to fears that the tactic will lead to the opposite of what I am trying to achieve, which will obviously cause more problems. In addition to this, the rock musical therapy, as of right now, is still effective, but as time goes on it may not be as effective as I thought. Henceforth, I am going to have to change the type of music I listen to in order to avoid lashing out.

Of course, rock music isn’t the only type of soothing device for people. There are other genres that serve as effective alternatives to heavy metal, like pop, rap, country, R&B, and Jazz. It all depends on the person, honestly. One genre may help one person, but totally not help another person.

In conclusion, rock music is actually a good means of venting your anger that’s holed up inside. However, it all depends on the person and everybody’s unique in one way or another. Rock music may not always be the ideal genre, but I am convinced that music as a whole could help with anger management.