By Abby N. Virio, Staff Writer


To the man whose response to an online article on the Women’s March was “all the crybaby protesters should be lined up and shot:” Seriously, dude?

For a moment, let us forget that you are just an internet warrior, a coward leering over your computer while those of us brave enough to accept reality leave our desk chairs and do something about injustice. Let us forget that you have long abandoned reason and peer-reviewed scientific information and that you subscribe to hateful and delusional ideologies that feed off under-educated, lower-class, white Americans. Let us—for a moment—forget that you are a cog in a machine made for your own destruction but too lazy and irresponsible to recognize this.

Let us put all else aside and visualize something. Visualize more than one million people lined up along a two-lane highway. Many are women. Many are men. Some are non-binary. Many are children. They are black, white, Latinx, Native American, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander—the list goes on.

Now consider this: They are silent. They have participated in elections. They have called their representatives. They are seeing their medicine, surgeries, and birth control denied. They are getting sick. Some are hiding behind the posters they once held so proudly, covering their babies and shielding their wives. Their last effort to make their voices heard has led them here, to you.

That is when you, sir, approach. You lift your weapon of choice—or, if you do not have the idiomatic male reproductive organs to do it, you stand back, and watch somebody else lift theirs. You watch a party of soldiers approach, lift their weapons, and fire on as many people as they can. The bodies fall in a dull succession of thuds. Once satisfied, they move on to the next group down the line. They continue this until more than one million men, women, and children are lying at your feet, as far as the eye can see.

What does this look like to you? Because make no mistake, it has happened before. I have witnessed hatemongering, conservative extremists like yourself watch “Schindler’s List” and fail to make the connection; so I apologize if it insults your intellect, but I doubt you understand. Allow me to explain: When you threaten one million people—online, in the grocery store, in a classroom, in the recesses of your own mind—you are sowing the seeds of genocide.

What’s that? You do not share the protesters’ opinions? You think that, despite its peaceful nature, the Women’s March was a disruptive plague on American society? Surely you are not serious. Spare me your excuses; you are partly responsible for future atrocities. Every time you make inflammatory and hateful comments like this, you make it a little more okay for those atrocities to happen. And God forbid it does happen, you will be held accountable—maybe not to me, as I will be lying motionless in the ravine with one million corpses for company—but to whatever power you put your faith in. Or at least to your own conscience, if you have one.

No, I am not intimidated by the vile, uncreative remarks you and your ilk make on social media. But you should be afraid, because if I am getting there first, Hell will be a liberal paradise for us both.