Melvin Taylor, Brand Marketer

With the Nintendo Switch becoming a home for “indie” video games (independently developed games without the financial backing of a publisher), video game giant Nintendo has given greater focus to indies. Nintendo has had numerous videos posted to their YouTube channel highlighting trailers and gameplay from indie video games. Their latest indie highlight video was strangely only posted to the Nintendo UK channel. This 22-minute video showed off 16 video games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Here are some of my “highlights” from the video.

“Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom” is a 2D-platform game developed by FDG Entertainment. This game has the player taking control of a boy with the ability to turn into different monsters such as a pig, lion, dragon, and more. This ability will be used to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. The meticulously hand-drawn graphics of “Monster Boy” look beautiful in action. “Monster Boy” reminds me of the “Shantae” series, another platformer game with transformation elements. Throughout the trailer, there were animated scenes, accompanied by a catchy song that gave the vibe of a Saturday morning cartoon or Japanese anime.

As a fan of platformer games like the Kirby series, “Monster Boy” looks exciting. The transformation ability and cartoon animation were my favorite things from the trailer. The transformations appear to change up the gameplay with the dragon allowing for flight, the snake allowing entry into small spaces, and the frog being able to walk on water. The cartoon animation from the game has me hoping for an animated series in the future. “Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom” launches on the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 6, 2018.

Another game, “Moonlighter,” is an action role playing game that has players exploring dungeons and managing a shop. The game was developed by 11 bit studios and Digital Sun. While not the same, “Moonlighter” reminded me of the 2D “Legend of Zelda” games but with more aspects to it. The 2D graphics in “Moonlighter” look gorgeous and detailed as the developers have even animated something as simple as the main character getting out of bed and including fun scenes of fighting with shoplifters. The combination of an action RPG and managing a shop is something I have never seen before. I am interested in seeing how well these two gameplay styles mesh with each other. “Moonlighter” releases on Nintendo Switch this fall.

Originally shown off in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, “Morphies Law” is an online shooter where players are on a team of Morphies, creatures with faces resembling Mexican sugar skulls. In the trailer, the Morphies say, “The humans gave us one purpose, to grow as big as possible!” This statement represents the main gameplay mechanic of “Morphies Law”. Players can shoot each other to grow in size. The different sizes can offer different abilities. For example, large legs make a Morphie jump high while a bigger body makes them slower. The game has 4v4 online multiplayer, eight-player offline matches, customizable weapons and Morphies, and gyroscope controls.

While watching the trailer, I found the growing and shrinking gameplay mechanic could have been explained better, as it was not very clear on how it worked. This information would have been helpful as well as how many modes the game has in it. “Morphies Law” launched on the Nintendo Switch after its presentation.

Out of the 16 games shown in Nintendo’s Indie Highlights for Nintendo Switch, I was interested in three titles. While that is not a lot, my interest peaked with “Moonlight” and “Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom;” I still have questions about “Morphies Law.” All three of these titles are on my radar and I will be purchasing them in the future. I did find it odd Nintendo posted this information only on their Nintendo UK YouTube channel, but I think it was done this way to go alongside Gamescon, a German gaming convention taking place Aug. 21 to Aug. 25.

I hope this information is posted on their Nintendo of America YouTube channel in the future which has a much wider audience.

With Senior Executive Officer of Nintendo Susumu Tanaka stating back in July, “In the future, we are looking to release around 20 to 30 indie games on Nintendo Switch per week, and we definitely expect to see some great games among them,” the relationship between Nintendo and indies is growing closer every day.