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By Danyel Poindexter, Staff Writer for The Current

It is safe to say that video games are far better than they’ve ever been. From the first steps of “Mario Brothers” to the zombie-infested “Resident Evil”, we’ve reached a new era of spectacular gaming. We’ve stepped up from that gaming console ‘The Brown Box’ in 1967, to having the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 and even more that provide spectacular GB and memory. Now people can even interact with their games through kinetic gaming (also produced with great graphics).

But we don’t only have gaming consoles to thank for that; the great game designers of today deserve their fair share of credit. In my view, the games that are being produced today have been carefully created and have taken years to be completed. It goes without saying that none of today’s video games would have come into being without the creation of electronic gaming in the first place. From that first start, game designers were able to overcome the mistakes that past game designers couldn’t get past, and they grew as technology itself grew. They were able keep games entertaining for today’s generation.

With that said, it’s hard to believe that gaming first evolved from the artifacts of the Sumerian and Egyptian times. Simple little board games slowly crept up, eventually making their way into the digital era, where most games are played on computers and televisions. It is fascinating how adults are able to interact through gaming. Now gamers are able to virtually interact with one another across states or countries through these virtual worlds. Those over thirty remember the times before gaming even hit the arcades or entered the digital world; now, we are all able to have connect through digital these digital worlds and have fun together.

When it was first discovered by fans that game designers were coming out with higher-quality graphics for games, the gaming world became a competition. Top game designers started going against other top designers and new-comers in the field started doing everything they could to get noticed. Games began resembling movies, capturing the fans’ full attention.

During every minute of every day, designers are successfully thinking of new ways to transform gaming and it’s clear that their dedication is paying off. Games need to keep up with this generation, for it is forever evolving and changing. People are learning and trying new things; technology is more futuristic than ever. In order for games to keep people entertained, they need to follow the fans, the technology, and the ways in which our world is constantly changing.

The best games are ones that people have only dreamed about, never imagining that they’d have the chance to experience it. Now with just a press of the start button on a game console or computer, it’s as if you’re transforming your imagination into reality. Games today are also heavily decision-based, requiring the player to choose one way or another, with their decisions dictating how the entire game progresses. It so closely relates to reality because you get the opportunity to wonder what could have happened if you chose another path. Fortunately, if you’re someone who’s really irritated by that thought, you can always complete the game and start over from a different decision. The details present in many games have also become even more so more impressive. Just like in reality, as you progress through the game world you have to look for specific things. In games such as “The Last of Us” or “Silent Hill”, small trinkets that might escape your eyes are spread throughout the game.

Personally, I’m slowly waiting for games to get to the enhanced stage of hologram gaming so that I can literally get into the game, but as I wait, I and so many more fans are content with the elite graphics of today.

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