By Travonte Harris, Staff Writer


Donald Trump is loved by some and hated by others; many people have expressed plans to leave the country if he is elected. But what if he could “make American great again”?  I think people like him because they can identify with him, which is strange considering he’s worth billions of dollars. Most people hate billionaires, because they are jealous of them and they feel like billionaires are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But what if Donald Trump could fix that? What if it takes a billionaire to fix the declining middle class? Sometimes it takes an outsider to fix the real problems.

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, not because I think Trump would ruin this country, but because it seems like the appropriate choice. She supports expanding the policies of Obama. She supports gay rights and she already has experience working in the White House, having served as First Lady and Secretary of State.  Donald Trump has no idea what he is doing. He used to be pro-choice, but since he began running for the Republican nomination, he has sided against abortion and has adopted a more conservative stance. He even believes that there should be some kind of punishment for people who abort babies.

I have already said that I wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump because he is unpredictable, but if I were to vote for him, here is how I would justify my decision: The first point is that Donald Trump would run the country like a business. He is a very prominent and successful businessman, and although he has gone bankrupt a few times, he has always bounced back. So, having experience in dealing with debt, he could possibly bounce the nation back from that trillion-dollar deficit. It is a stretch because Trump has never been one trillion dollars in debt, but he has the experience and know-how to get himself out of debt and become richer than ever. Forbes estimates his current his net worth at 4.5 billion dollars, but Trump himself claims he is worth $10 billion dollars. Whatever the number, it is not bad for someone who not long ago actually owed people money.

The next important issue is the wall. While it might sound crazy and could possibly bankrupt the most powerful country on earth, it could prevent the smuggling of drugs and illegal immigrants across the border, which would, in effect, bring jobs back to Americans and prevent illegal drugs from entering the U.S. Americans would no longer have to compete with non-citizens who are taking jobs from them by doing the same work for less compensation. The wall could also prevent dangerous figures from gaining entry into the U.S. While they currently aren’t a problem, some of the richest and most dangerous drug lords may try to escape persecution in their county by entering ours, bringing with them their problems. But if we stopped them now, we would destroy their business in the U.S. and prevent them from attacking us.

Thirdly, Trump could bring connections that he has made in business and use them for political gain. I’m sure that Trump knows his way around the global business environment; he has probably made more important connections than most presidential candidates.

Finally, Trump can bring us back to our values. By supporting conservative ideas, maybe we could bring prayer back into to the schools and prevent the killing of babies. We might even be able to bring unity to issues on which the country is divided. I would not vote for Trump, but he has some good ideas. Maybe he could “make America great again.”