By Travonte Harris, Staff Writer


The iPhone 7 is the next step in the future of phones. When my grandma was young, she did not have a cell phone, yet people my age cannot last a minute without theirs. It has become a staple of modern life.

First it was the Blackberry. While not the first smartphone, the Blackberry marked a major development in smartphone technology. You were not considered a professional unless you had one; they became a standard in the world of business.  Then Android threw its hat into the ring and dominated the smartphone market, knocking Blackberry out of the competition altogether and solidifying its place as one of the “big two.”

Now the market is dominated by various types of Android phones, as well as the “King of Phones” itself, the iPhone. The iPhone’s inception dates all the way back to 2007. At its unveiling, Steve Jobs called the iPhone a magical product. From that day onward, competitors were doomed.

What Apple is selling is the future. While we might not agree with everything they do, they are innovators. They “Think Different.”  And sometimes it is hard to truly comprehend the work of geniuses in the moment. Often the most brilliant ideas only seem brilliant in retrospect.

I’m sure everyone thought Thomas Edison was crazy too. They might not have truly comprehended what he was doing until he was done. Edison invented the light bulb and the motion picture camera, both of which have now become mass produced and are everywhere. A person like you or I may even have a high-quality film camera like movie studios use! They are widely available, and lower level cameras have been used to take home videos as well.

But what if Thomas Edison had been discouraged by backlash from friends and family? There would be no film cameras or light bulbs.  I would be writing this article in the dark. And all those family memories would be just that—memories. And don’t get me started about movies!  They wouldn’t exist.

I would have to read a book, which isn’t such a bad thing: a lot can be learned from reading a book. Just think about it–professors throw books at you and say ‘Read this,’ but when you’re done you have learned a lot.

One major change present in the newest iteration of the iPhone is the removal of the headphones jack. But, while we may not agree with Apple removing the headphone jack, we must remember to “Think Different.” It is the future. I myself love using regular headphones, but that is the past and this is the future.

There are other problems too. The iPhone 7, according to Forbes, will not have wireless charging, and the LED display is still only 750 pixels. Third-party products won’t be able to use the headphone jack for add-ons and to replace the new headphones, which are called AirPods, it will cost $150.

That’s pretty steep, but Apple is the future and I have no doubt all of these problems will eventually be fixed. Or Apple may find a way to create a solution to the problem that bypasses current technology. Only time will tell.