Wesley Baucom, Staff Writer

In the face of new technology and a rising fear of change, there’s a new world out there we’ve only just begun to explore. Technology is a double edged sword solving many of our issues, but bringing many more with it. In this new dawn of electronics, there is a great rise of fear and trepidation as our attention is becoming more and more compact, with nearly infinite use and knowledge at the touch of our fingertips. This is something amazing for humankind, with the light of a new frontier emanating from glowing screens. Still, this is something so new to us, it’s like we’re just beginning to shake the crib as we begin to stand against uncertainty. Some say that people now are less focused on the real world, that with technology combined with social media, it’s changed the landscape of how we communicate in our day to day. For better or worse, and in that comes the fear of death. It’s the death of an older world, being replaced by a birthing web of integrated circuitry. 

            Technology won’t stay in our hands forever, soon it’ll be in our very own mindsif it isn’t already there. A relatively new tech startup called Neuralink promises to one day connect our brains directly to the internet. Spearheaded by Elon Musk, the company is developing “ultra-thin” fibers, thinner than hair, which would then be sewn through the brain, releasing electric pulses and reading the brain’s activity, as it blends an interface with our biology. Musk is developing this in order for humanity to compete with AI, and would allow us to use our brains in their fullest capacity. However, this is still a new technology. Whatever shortcomings they have will only be found out with what I’m sure will be many trials and many errors. It sounds sickly and perhaps a little strangethe thought of wires seaming themselves in and out of a person’s brain isn’t very comfortingbut that’s the way the future is progressing. 

            What some see as a disinterest or a lack of engagement in the real world isn’t a disease, only a transition. Civilization as a whole is nearly to the top of the hill, and whether or not it stays or rolls down into destruction is in our transforming hands. This is the great turning point, where humans will evolve past what they’ve been givena dream for many trying to outwit nature. Don’t be fooled though, we still have time, and nature can never be outsmarted. So long as phones need to charge and glass screens crack, we won’t evolve until we solve the problems technology bares, and who knows how long that will take. This world will change, whether anyone likes it or not. You can fight it, doing everything you can to maintain  a connection to the world around you, and not to the internet. Nothing is permanent, all things must be changed and rearranged for newer times. For right now, enjoy the world as it is. Hear the birds chirping with organic ears. See the warm sunrise on a cold day in all-natural sight. It won’t be this way forever.