Kat Riddler, Staff Writer

President Donald Trump seems to be producing his own spinoff of the popular British television show “An Idiot Abroad.” He has unleashed his brash, uncouth, uninformed, and insulting style of politics on a world stage. One might have thought  the vast ocean between us and all past diplomatic endeavors of other administrations would have spared Europe from what we suffer under the Trump regime.

But Trump’s most recent demolition tour has seemingly spared none of America’s friends in the world. His verbal abuse directed at some of our staunchest allies such as Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, and the NATO alliance. While Trump’s supporters seem to wallow in his perverse rants and revel in his narrow mindedness, real and lasting damage is being done to America’s image in the world.

His foreign fiasco started Wednesday. Trump suggested that NATO nations double the amount of their gross domestic product (GDP) they spend on defense. He claimed that the United States already spent four percent, but that was false. According to NATO, the United States has only spent 3.57 percent and has not spent 4 percent since 2013. Some of our allies in NATO, like Germany, are having trouble spending the agreed 2 percent, so raising it by double was unreasonable to those countries.

Thursday, while in Great Britain, Trump put down British Prime Minister Theresa May’s post-Brexit plan. He threatened that if she followed through with the plan it would hurt any deal with the United States. He then told The Sun he preferred the former Foreign Secretary who walked out of his position over their disagreement in the post-Brexit plan. All of this was published in the papers and then he had to meet face-to-face with May. He called the paper “fake news” and  he told the papers he praised her plan and a trade deal would be possible. That’s a lot of backpedaling and it caused a lot of hot water for Trump abroad.

Why is he doing this? What does this accomplish? Trump is exerting his power over others to get his way.

According to stopbullying.gov, “Kids who bully use their power—such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity—to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different situations, even if they involve the same people.” You can take out the word kids, because it really is anyone who does this. It is also repeated behaviors.

The site even states signs that someone might be a bully if they don’t accept responsibility for their actions and blame others for their problems. This is an example of what Trump is doing.. These are classic signs of bullying and it will take more people standing up to him if we are to survive however long he still has an office.

He has insulted trusted allies in favor of complimenting enemies. By attacking our friends and not standing up to our enemies, he is emboldening them. The national presence the United States had on the world stage is being divided up and given to Russia and North Korea. He is going to meet with Vladimir Putin on Monday despite the U.S. Department of Justice charging 12 Russian intelligence officers with 2016 election interference on Friday.

This weekend seems to be damage control for the Pentagon with our NATO allies while Trump plays golf. He seems to excel in one-player games. We will have to see if he plays any games with Putin in the Finnish capital, Helsinki on the next episode. Stay tuned.