By Chris Zuver, A&E Editor

There is a notorious section of the website Reddit known as “The_Donald,” where fans of President Trump gather to discuss issues with each other and brag about their strong support. They post #MAGA with pride and congratulate each other on their support of the president, often regardless of what he does or says.

Recently, on the subreddit, a thread emerged titled: “My buddy is behind enemy lines in LA, but keeping it real nonetheless.” In the thread, the original poster quoted his friend, whom texted him the message: “They had Trump’s face in the urinal at the bar last night so I pissed on the floor.”

The original poster (OP) was met with positive praise from other group members, who made comments such as: “That’s a great response. I think your friend has already learned how to handle living behind the lines in LA.”

Personally, I hope that those who are alright with urinating on a floor to protest a symbol are also cool with kneeling to a flag during the national anthem. Fair is fair, isn’t it?

How far are we going to go with symbols in this country? Let’s face some reality for a moment, OP: your friend peed on a floor because a symbol that the two of you like was in the urinal. Then, you virtue-signaled to others online. That makes you look really silly, OP. I’m willing to bet you would change your tune if someone peed on the floor because of a Hillary Clinton sticker in the urinal.

At the end of the day, to me, a symbol is a symbol. It’s just a sticker, a piece of cloth, a cardboard sign, or a sculpture of stone. I can understand having reverence toward a cause, but to enforce authoritarian ideals through ridicule and pissing on a floor doesn’t show how much you support the cause. Conversely, it shows that you are a jerk, and that you have a thing or two more in common with “liberal snowflakes,” than you’d rather admit.

Folks who are proud of their southern heritage may choose to fly a Confederate flag. In my opinion, they have every right to, yet they’ll probably face some flack if they fly that flag in front of some people. That’s just how freedom of speech works. Meanwhile, someone who chooses to fly a Pride flag in front of certain people may face some flack. Again, that’s just how freedom of speech works. Secularists may pass a pro-life billboard on their way to work. Evangelicals may see a Planned Parenthood advertisement on the internet. Yet, everyone continues to function. Most of us keep our politics to ourselves, and we carry on.

Or we don’t, and we clash with insults, usually over the internet. What’s interesting about that is how quick we are to say what we mean when we are not face-to-face with people. It’s like driving in a parking garage and the person in front of you is taking forever to pull out of their parking spot. You can call them all of the nasty names in the world and feel no consequence. That’s how social media works. That’s how “The_Donald” works. And that’s partially how the country has become so divided.